December 27, 2013

As I travel around during the day I often observe more and more young men standing on street corners or on freeway on-ramps holding cardboard signs asking for money.  The signs don’t appear to have any reason for requesting money other than they just want money.  The men don’t appear to be disabled or even particularly poor.  A surprising number of people always stop and give them money as they go by. I’m all for helping people in need out... Read more

December 25, 2013

I’ll be traveling to Australia March 10-26, 2014 and I’m looking for opportunities to speak to churches, men’s groups and pastors’ conferences while I’m there. Read more

December 20, 2013

A ton of research shows that children from fatherless homes fare worse in life than their fathered counterparts.  And like with most children, fatherless kids tend to imitate the examples that were modeled for them while growing up.  Hence, much like addictions, or abuse–abandonment is emulated as well and ends up creating generational cycles that are passed down from one generation to the next. Fatherless boys tend to follow in the footsteps modeled for them, perpetuating fatherlessness onto future generations. ... Read more

December 19, 2013

Here are some examples of modern day freedom of speech, acceptable and unacceptable. ACCEPTABLE: Degrading Women Lil Wayne’s song “Bitches Love Me” These hoes got p**sies like craters Can’t treat these hoes like ladies, man! P**sy, money, weed, codeine She say my d**k feel like morphine I hope my name taste like sardines to these niggas She wake up, eat this d**k Call that breakfast in bed…  -Lil Wayne, Bitches Love Me (Side note: In 2012 alone, Lil Wayne won... Read more

December 18, 2013

Airlines got rid of empty seats - and got healthy. One wonders if God isn’t doing the same thing with the church. Read more

December 13, 2013

Guys, we need to stop being ashamed of being men.  Virtually every behavior that is natural to a man is now being criticized and we are made to feel ashamed about being the male gender. Perhaps if we spent more time uplifting men instead of trying to annilate masculinity, we’d have better men.  I recently posted this comment on a social network site: Not a huge fan of Men’s Health Magazine, but this ain’t bad advice- “You can’t be a... Read more

December 12, 2013

"I don't listen to the lyrics." It's the number one excuse I've heard from teenagers when an adult questions them about the foul music they're putting in their ears. Two film makers decided to put that one to the test, filming little kids parroting the language of songs they are familiar with. Read more

December 11, 2013

Most men do not tell their wives what they really feel because if they did, their wives would punish them for it. Read more

December 6, 2013

Courage is the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face uncertainty, difficulty, intimidation, danger, or pain with or without fear. In fact, true courage may be doing something we fear despite our fear. Courage is also generally considered interchangeable with bravery, which is the ability to stand up for what is right in difficult situations. Boldness, fearlessness, mettle, and fortitude are also considered to be courageous qualities. Courage is one of the greatest virtues a man... Read more

December 5, 2013

“You’re beautiful.” It’s something most parents say to their daughters. Sounds harmless… right? But those words have ramifications many parents don’t even think about. Does your daughter believe she’s beautiful? Sadly, in a world bombarded with unattainable images of what beauty should be, I don’t know many teen girls who truly think they’re beautiful. Why is beauty the one perceived characteristic that trumps all others? How about wisdom? How about integrity? As a father of two teenaged daughters, and a... Read more

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