My Pleasure In Creases

My Pleasure In Creases March 22, 2012

Iron love...or is it lust?

Ironing, what’s not to love? Almost instant gratification that lasts longer than a dinner party! Hooray! (Of course, if I had this adoring swain by my board, I might engage in it a bit more often!) There’s nothing like the warm smell of linen, and the hiss of the steam as it puffs from the sole plate (Maybe it should be called the “soul” plate?), not to mention the satisfying feeling I get from seeing the wrinkles disappear from underneath my gliding hand. Ahhh…bliss.

Now that the weather is getting hotter, I’m trying to get more of it done early in the morning when it’s still pretty cool. Otherwise, it can get a tad warm. Fortunately, the mornings are still quite cool. So, I’m doing all the linens as I come across them in the unpacking. By linens, I do not mean sheets. (There is a limit.) I’m talking table linens, dresser scarves, and the like.

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