Twenty Handkerchiefs and Two Sweaters

Twenty Handkerchiefs and Two Sweaters April 13, 2015

IMG_1642Life will teach you the lessons you need to learn, if you are willing.

For a long time, I have taken great pride in my ability to pack what I needed for a trip, and then some. I would pack clothes, jewelry, undergarments, toiletries, and the all-important medications, and do so beyond sufficiency. Far beyond necessity, to be sure. I wanted to be prepared. Like a boy scout.

This trip, I threw caution to the wind, and didn’t write a packing list. Now, I’m sorry. I decided to only pack what I thought I needed, and keep things to a minimum. I felt lighter. At the moment, that seemed great.

Now, I realize that I packed twenty handkerchiefs, but only two sweaters. Ugh.

As I was flitting about my room, tossing things into the suitcase, I thought I had everything covered. And I might have, if not for life deciding to teach me a lesson. Apparently, the lesson is entitled: Packing in Case a Return Trip is Delayed.

And yet, it’s not really the end of the world. I’ve managed to look put-together, albeit it a bit repetitive. Perhaps my companion doesn’t really notice, or perhaps he is too gracious to mention it. Either will do. Laundry facilities have assured freshness, and while there is ample shopping in this area, funds are severely lacking. So, I am sporting the same two sweaters over and over.

And thinking that maybe the real lesson is: You Don’t Really Need All That Stuff, Anyway.

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