How to Eliminate Mental Toxins – Part Five

How to Eliminate Mental Toxins – Part Five March 5, 2015

How to Eliminate Mental Toxins - Part Five
Image Copyright: Katarzyna Bruniewska-Gierczak

Welcome to the final installment of the Detoxing the Mind Series.

We’ve identified toxic beliefs & fears in Detoxing the Mind.

We looked at permanently dissolving fears and erroneous beliefs by proving their falsehood.

We began the process of fortifying ourselves and moving toward detoxing limiting beliefs and fears.

In this final installment, we continue the inner work required to reduce, release and, ideally, replace toxic thoughts.

A belief is only a thought repeatedly reinforced. Instead of allowing our minds to run wild like an errant toddler, we must assume our proper role as master and treat the mind as the wonderful servant it is.

On a sheet of paper, write a detailed list of your toxic, hindering or self-sabotaging beliefs.  Include every detail associated with each belief, whose fault it is, what it costs you, how you feel.  Give this manifesto your all. Take your time.

When finished, look at each belief and state, “This is only a thought that was repeated over and over until it became a belief.” No matter how true it feels, it’s just a repeated thought.  Really get that.

If you believe in something greater than you (Spirit, God, Creator, Love, the Universe), call on it and let it know that you are now willing to let go of all toxic beliefs and fears. You are never alone in this journey. The Universe conspires to help you when you help yourself.  Give it permission to send you the love, people, guidance and support needed to move you to a place of freedom and your heart’s desires.

Take a moment to imagine chunks of darkness embedded in the pure light that is you. Safely burn, shred or cut up and dispose of your toxic beliefs and fears manifesto and see those chunks of darkness giving way to the truth, the light of who you really are.  Make every exhalation a purging of darkness.  Every inhalation is more purifying light.

The act of destroying the manifesto signals the beginning of creating a new belief structure.  It took many years, often decades, for your beliefs to establish. Some are deep rooted and seemingly will not budge. They will.

Changing your mind will not happen in a day, but fortunately, if you are diligent about doing the work, they will change in far less time than they were created.  This is the most important work of any life.


An affirmation is a thought, phrase or sentence repeated over and over until it becomes a belief. 

Look above at the definition of a belief.  Can you see how similar affirmations and beliefs are?

Whether you believe in affirmations or not, you practice them all the time.  Your routine thoughts are affirmations, they shape your life and the way you see your world.  If they happen to be positive, then you benefit. Negative affirmations work to your detriment.

People spend entire lives affirming unwanted thoughts and creating unhelpful beliefs by default.  You can choose differently.

Identify three significant new beliefs that you’d like to be part of the soundtrack in your mind.  Remember, the soundtrack will play whether you assign it a track or not.

Master your mind.  As you go through your day, notice when an opposing track is playing, stop and acknowledge that you are affirming by default.  Be kind to yourself, it’s a habit and it takes time to change.  If you are inclined, give the default affirmation to your higher partner and consciously repeat an affirmation of your choosing.  Let it play in your mind, like the lyrics to a song stuck in your head.

Like pure water dripping into a bucket of murky water, gradually the whole bucket turns clear.


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