Mourning Deena Butta, Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis

Mourning Deena Butta, Priestess of the Fellowship of Isis January 29, 2013

Selena Fox at Circle Sanctuary contacted me today with the news that Deena Butta, priestess of the Fellowship of Isis in Chicago, died on Sunday from a terminal illness.

Selena writes:

Deena was active in interfaith endeavors, Goddess awareness education, Pagan networking, and other work for many years.

I first met Deena at the start of the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago — we both were among the delegates that were part of the Procession that opened the 1993 Parliament.

Over the years, Deena, I, and Fellowship of Isis founder Lady Olivia Robertson of Ireland collaborated on a variety of interfaith and multicultural endeavors. Deena was very active in Fellowship of Isis work in Chicago where she lived as well as across the USA and internationally. She also served the greater Pagan community, including participation in Chicago Pagan Pride Day.

Deena will be much missed by her community. For more information, check out the Fellowship of Isis blog or her obituary in the Chicago Tribune.

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