The Other Side of the Hedge: Animism and Virtue

Animism and Virtue -- © Polly Peterson (2015)

In Paganism, we spend a lot of time shouting across the chasms of meaning and misunderstanding. One of my best friends and I have been at loggerheads for about fifteen years over the most basic of assumptions about the nature of the universe. And the root of this disagreement is a simple one. You see, I’m not a Neoplatonist. [Read more...]

The Rantin’ Raven: Faith, Hope, and Clarity

young woman opening curtains in a bedroom

Having certainty doesn’t mean that we don’t need faith. It means we don’t need blind faith, the kind that places our lives and the responsibility for our own spiritual fate in another’s hands. And, it is in this sense, I believe, that the “certainty, not faith” statement was included in the foundations of the Craft, short as it was otherwise on statements of belief. [Read more...]

Adventures in Wortcunning: Harvesting Dreams

Hietaparta /

Like a guardian at the gates of the underworld, here mugwort waits to delve into dreams with you. [Read more...]

Wyrd Words: Cultural Appropriation and Pagan Fear


If little Suzy wants to go up onto a mountain top, burn some sage, and try to get in touch with her extremely distant native American roots, that’s one thing. When Little Suzy comes back down from the mountain and claims to be a Hopi spiritual leader, that’s quite another. [Read more...]

Letters From Midgard: American Heathens

Hervor dying after battle with the Huns, by Peter Nicolai Arbo.  From WikiMedia.

The book “American Heathens” is the first long-term sociological study of what it means to be Heathen in America. It is an interesting work. [Read more...]

Guest Post: I am Guilty of Cultural Appropriation

Hopi Kachina doll with outstretched winged arms against blue sky / Joseph Sohm /

It is always an exacting experience to examine our own contributions to perpetuating oppressive cultural norms. What is personal inevitably triggers resistance to concepts that directly confront our own behaviors. This is a process of evolution of belief and social understanding. While my core beliefs have remained constant, my insight into what those beliefs require in terms of actions and the compassionate support of others is in a constant process of maturation. [Read more...]

Star Made Witch: The Future of Traditional Witchcraft


I see in the future of traditional witchcraft a very personal relationship within the spiritual landscape. Witches will connect to the land spirits and will together be dealing with the current state of human habitat destruction. [Read more...]