Witch on Fire: A Thanksgiving Transmutation of Tens

The tens cards of the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley and Frieda Harris / Photo by Heron Michelle

Right on cue, I had what some would call a crises of faith regarding my own material needs. I’m walking the tight rope between a need to pay for the necessities of life and my sacred mission of service. In short, I think about money, or the lack thereof, a lot. Some might think that isn’t enlightened enough to admit publicly. I beg to differ. [Read more...]

Star Made Witch: Automatic Writing

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Witches use a variety of methods of trance induction and communication to correspond with the spirit familiar spirit or muse. The most common is a chance meeting in dreams, however such interchange depends on the felicity of dream recall and the right connection whilst unconscious. But, when a witch wants to communicate in the now, automatic writing and drawing are attractive options requiring nothing more than candlelight, a pen and paper. [Read more...]

Wayfaring Woman: Working with a Spirit Ally

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Wandering the worlds is a more pleasant and safe undertaking with trusted company along for the adventure. Many guides to trance journeying and astral travel encourage connecting and working closely with a spirit guide or other supernatural ally who can help to both open and ward the way between worlds. I met my spirit ally in animal form several years ago. [Read more...]

The Rantin’ Raven: Not My Elder

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Recently, a few prominent authors, activists, and well-known personalities in the Pagan world did something unfortunate. Very publicly. Bloggers and Facebookers immediately took up sides, with the battle lines being drawn along “No Elder of mine!” and “We must respect our Elders even when they’re wrong.” And I got to thinking about the phenomenon of the Pagan Elder. It’s actually a very murky subject. [Read more...]

Adventures in Wortcunning: Speaking of Ancestors

Portrait of a happy senior woman smiling at the camera.

As my daughter entered labor many miles from me, I stopped my daily routine to sit in meditation, lending her a bit of strength and sending her my love. I knew also when to rise again and resume my day, when all was well again in their little family. And during this time I sent strength to mother and child, and also felt behind me the added love and energy of the ancestors, watching and praying with us. [Read more...]

Wyrd Words: We Are Our Deeds

weinstock / Pixabay.com

There’s this unfortunate tendency in Pagan circles for those holding the title of ‘Elder’ to be held as somehow above reproach. As if questioning these people at all is somehow showing a lack of proper respect and deference for an empty title. It’s Paganism’s own personal brand of ad verecundiam, and it REALLY needs to stop. [Read more...]

Dandelion Seeds: Five Ways to Have a Pagan Thanksgiving

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1. Honor the Ancestors
2. Learn about the Native American Tribes in your Area
3. Eat Local
4. Be With People You Enjoy
5. Practice Gratitude [Read more...]