It takes courage to brave the dying light of sunset and risk giving one’s self over to the aos sí in the darkness, but it also takes courage to step back out into the light again afterwards and move forward into a life that will never entirely belong to you again. Read more

Animals have not forgotten the geography of the real. They know things that we either can’t remember or force ourselves to forget. Eat when you’re hungry. Sleep when you’re tired. Have sex when you can. Fight when you must. Read more

Together as a whole we can become something stronger and something greater. Read more

I’ve stood at the powerful center of the crossroads. My past was down one path, and my future another. I realized I had to explore the past to move on towards the future. Read more

What we need most is often the exact same thing that is hardest for us to learn. It’s easy to spend our lives seeing the world in simple terms. Yet there is always some deeper, half-forgotten part of ourselves that calls us to be more. Read more

Sometimes we take a road to a pre-determined destination, and sometimes we get a surprise. Read more

Not every change is a Tower-level cataclysm. Not every Becoming is the result of an epiphany. Read more

‘Dead, mad, or a poet’ is a phrase we hear sometimes in various branches of Celtic-inspired paganism. Having heard it repeatedly I began to wonder where exactly the phrase came from and how it related to folk belief, and this led me on a quest to see if I could find out. Read more

If we want to have more than naked power, and earn the respect of others, we must also cultivate dignity. This is as true for magicians and pagans as it is for politicians and corporations. Read more

I’m forever grateful to Hecate for guiding me through my initiation, through the transition of coming home, and through the many changes of my life afterward. Read more

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