It is crucial to fact-check what you hear and be sure to gather information from legitimate sources. Ignorance in religion is something that the world already has plenty of, and we definitely do not need anymore, so please be sure that you are knowledgeable about the religion that you are considering joining. Read more

So, what makes it witchcraft? Intention, fearlessness, trust, focus, integrity, and perhaps, possibly, chocolate cake and midnight margaritas. Read more

It’s like a zen koan in a way: what is witchcraft? Of course everyone will have their own ideas on the topic, some more inclusive and some more exclusive. It’s the nature of the subject because witchcraft has never really been a solid thing but has always had a bit of the amorphous to it, a bit of the mysterious. Read more

As  a spiritual community, we need to be more inclusive to those of us outside the binary. Our greater world isn’t just female or male anymore. Read more

What deities are there to turn to when dealing with technological issues? Read more

In every culture and religion, queer people are a minority, and it is imperative that we work across religious and national barriers to create a world where everyone can exist freely. We can do this by educating ourselves about other cultures, and by using technology and communication to uplift queer voices across the world. Read more

For the first time in my life, I could say that I was what I said I was. Read more

No one is perfect and no one’s witchcraft practice is perfect either, at least no one I know. We all have certain things that we slack on and that’s okay. Read more

If you are gifted with the ability to heal, heal others. If you are gifted with the ability to cook, cook for others. If you are able to provide for others in any way, do so. Read more

What happens in Crone Temple stays in Crone Temple, but what happens as a result of a week of intense personal reflection and radical openness to change is wildly unbound, opulently untrammeled. Read more

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