Greek magic is something completely different than what you might think it is. Read more

I just knew that Hekate would be involved in the entire process, including being with me during the surgery.  I felt that the outcome would be what was needed for me. Read more

The nameless path is something that I think is dynamic and really one of the major trends that prove to me that the world is progressing. Read more

Expressing your Pagan faith should not be limited to having large open altar spaces, a huge herb garden, or a large amount of money. With the right organisation and planning, all Pagan students can celebrate and worship their gods how they choose. Read more

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to be part of a sacred sites tour of the Beara peninsula. The experiences I had led to a lot of contemplation and a lot of engagement with the land directly which ultimately, I hope, helped me to get a stronger sense of my place within my spiritual practice. Read more

When we do not balance lore with UPG we are doing damage to both tradition and individuals with experiences. Read more

For the longest time I just do not know how to properly adjust to the spirits of the land I live on while honoring the Gods, Goddesses, and Spirits of where my ancestors come from. Read more

Your questions about The Morrigan, the Fair Folk, and more answered. Read more

Beltaine celebrates the height of Spring and the flowering of life. I will treasure this Beltaine with the knowledge that I will be like a spring flower, emerging from the earth, reborn after a cold, dark winter in the Underworld. Read more

Perhaps in all the browns and blacks of death there is a different kind of beauty, a lesson to be learned as I wait for the hyper-vibrant hues of full Spring to overtake and saturate my senses. Read more

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