Your questions about the Dagda answered! Read more

Paganism is a social revitalization movement. It is a return to some semblance of older values, but updated for modern times. The movement is democratic both in its good and bad aspects. Read more

And now, on the other side of Imbolc, these seeds of change that have been slowly started in me are beginning to push their shoots up through the resistance of my consciousness. Read more

I knew right then what my mission in my Pagan life was to be. I now had the opportunity, and the responsibility, to help out my Pagan community by learning more that what I thought I knew, help others learn from my experiences, and to mentor younger gender non-conforming Pagans as much as I could on their individual Spiritual Journeys. And I know that Hekate will be right there with me on this next part of my Pagan life. Read more

Aesop was not just a storyteller, his “fables” provided children easy lessons concerning the gods” Read more

We are in that revelatory time period known as “between the eclipses.” Eclipses come in pairs usually. We pair. We breed. The baby comes. The baby is our life, what next in our life. New cycle. Read more

She is such a diverse and multifaceted deity and I think I understand that much better now having seen firsthand how diverse and different Her followers can be, yet how powerful the shared connection through Brighid is. Read more

What did I get up to do so early with a head full of sleep? I HAD to look at the natal chart of Joe Kennedy who gave a Democratic response last night after President Trump’s State of the Union address. Read more

I’m of the opinion now that Hekate knew I had to stumble a bit before I walked. Read more

The lesson is simple. If you’re waiting for a leader, it’s you. Read more

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