It takes a tribe to build a village. From that tribe, a wonderful group of mentors came to me. I will forever be grateful for that. Read more

My Gods don’t play. The Norse Pantheon is not for the weak of heart or for those that are going to waffle around. Read more

The beauty in Greek religion is the simplicity of worship. In our homes, worship is based on the PanHellenic tradition, but customizable so you may grow your own family tradition. Read more

As people who are choosing to go to these places, possibly even as an act of devotion, I think it’s essential to show respect to them, and that means thinking our actions through beyond our own immediate desires or the way we would act at home. Read more

It is not enough to “accept” trans and gender non-conforming people in the community; the community must work to include them on their own terms. Read more

Loki is going to facilitate the change that you need in your life. Is it going to be that change that you want? Not always, but it will always be the change that you need. Read more

My beliefs aren’t yours, and that’s okay. We don’t have to believe all the same things, and quite frankly it would be very boring if we did. It is diversity of belief that keeps things interesting and keeps challenging us to better understand ourselves and our own spirituality. Read more

If a dream is a portal, do we stand firmly on our side and simply gaze through? If a dream is an entrance to what is unseen—to our personal underground—do we choose to enter? Read more

Why must Hellenism conform to so-called ancient “standards” (set by the classicists) in order to be valid, when contemporary practices do exist in the ancient record? Read more

As the old saying that goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun…or not”. Since Hekate came into my life a year ago… with a bang… I can say I have experienced both. Read more

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