The Corner Crone: Sourcing Magickal Supplies in a Food Desert

The Corner Crone: Sourcing Magickal Supplies in a Food Desert October 17, 2023

When it comes to sourcing your magickal supplies without having to set aside additional funds, all you need to do is look around you with a Witch’s eye. Your creativity is the key to the practice of Thrifty Witchery.

Do you live in a food desert, lacking easy access to supermarkets or grocery stores? Do you consume mostly fast food and take-out? Guess what? Your magickal supplies are already being delivered right into your hands.

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The next time you’re at your favorite fast food place, ask for extra salt and pepper packets with your meal. You can save these and incorporate them into your magickal practice. Salt can be used for casting circles of protection or making salt water for cleansing some of your tools. Pepper can be used for any number of banishing spells.

Ask for a couple of honey packets with your breakfast sandwich; use the honey for your sweetening spells. Same with the sugar packets you might be getting at your favorite coffee bar. Do you sometimes grab a quick lunch at a taco stand? Ask for extra hot sauce packets; these can be used not only for banishing spells but also for spells to speed up magickal results.

Public domain image by Silviarita via Pixabay.


If salads are a staple of your take-out meals, order the dressing on the side. Before eating, remove a few of the salad’s ingredients for use in your magickal practice (fold them into a paper napkin or keep a small resealable plastic bag handy for this purpose). Olives are sacred to many deities and can be used as an offering. Asparagus, a vegetable often found in salads, is sacred to Aphrodite. If you’re familiar with Egyptian mythologies, you know that onions are sacred to Sokar (Seker), a funerary deity. Tomatoes can be used as offerings or for protection spells.

Ordering a fruit salad? Be sure to remove and save a few of the pecans or walnuts. Several fruits are sacred to many deities; check what your take-out meal includes and save a few pieces for future offerings. You don’t need to strip your salad bare, reserving just one or two pieces will be more than enough.

Use What’s Already Around You

You don’t need to be greedy and snatch up handfuls of condiment packets or give up half of your meal. Small amounts work just as well as enormous quantities of ingredients. If money for fast food and take-out is already part of your budget, there’s no real reason to try to eke out additional funds for your magickal ingredients. You’re already buying them.

Remember, you are the be-all and end-all of your own practice. Train your witchy senses to see what is easily available, and use your wisdom and intuition to practice and create magick that will work for you. It’s the Thrifty Witchery way.


Thrifty Witchery is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and your local metaphysical booktore.

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