The Agora at Patheos Pagan is home to a wide ranging and diverse amount of writers. Over the years we’ve had over 100 different folks contribute to this site, and currently have a dozen or so writers currently active. Interested in writing at the Agora??!?! We are always looking for new voices. Send an email to Jason at jmankey at for more info.

Morgan Daimler: Irish-American Witchcraft. She also blogs at Living Liminally (which is a personal favorite).

Christopher Drysdale: The Other Side of the Hedge

Aliza Einhorn: Tree City Witch. You can also visit Aliza at MoonPluto Astrology.

Camelia Elias: The Cartomancer. Camelia also has her own website which you can visit.

Chris Godwin: Lamp & Labyrinth

Everyday Pagan: Andrea Gustafson

Kiya Nicoll: Hills On the Horizon

Morrigan Odin: The Crow’s Nest

Abby Rosewolf: Urban Earthwitch

Spiritscraft: Star Made Witch

Chloé Thorne: Book of Blackbirds

Andrieh Vitimus: Full Frontal Magic. You can also visit Andrieh away from the Agora.

Shannon Weber: Queer Femme Mystique