The Cartomancer: The Full Moon Cut

The Full Moon Cut: An original 10-card spread inspired by martial arts. Read more

Tree City Witch: Blood Magick & Pluto Goes Direct

Today I started a conversation about Pluto. Pluto has been retrograde and Pluto goes direct this week and Pluto has been opposing my Sun for years now. That transit is about to end. FINALLY. Read more

The Other Side of the Hedge: A Deep Dive on Orthopraxy and Immanence

The Pagan community pays more than occasional lip service to the idea that modern Western Paganism is about “right practice” rather than right belief. The underlying problem is that it’s not really either. Read more

Tree City Witch: Irma & Rebirth of a Witch

My witchcraft has never been based on theory or books, but on real life experience, actual spellwork. Natural magick. And what happened happened spontaneously. In the middle of my fear, I had a job to do. To act instead of be acted upon. To push back and protect. Read more

Irish-American Witchcraft: Honoring the Álfar on the Equinox

The Autumnal equinox means different things to different people and is celebrated in many ways depending on a person’s spirituality. For me it is a time to honor and offer to the Alfar, the elves. Read more

Hearth of Hellenism: Is Jim Carrey Studying Esotericism?

Comedian Jim Carrey has clearly been reading material that is philosophical and or possibly esoteric. Read more

The Cartomancer: 5 Ways of Boosting Your Mojo Through Patience

Impatience equals energy loss. Coupled with entitlement impatience is hysterical. Don’t lose your mojo because you don’t know the difference. Read more

The Hearth of Hellenism: : The Virtues of Hephaistos

In September Hephaestus is honored, his virtues are cultivated. By cultivating his virtues, we can overcome our limitations, fostering our creative powers, being like the god. Read more

The Other Side of the Hedge: The Witchhack

We feel intuitively that the closer we are to the creation of a magical tool, the more “powerful” it is. But the things we make ourselves, as part of our magical practices, aren’t just the right tool for the right job, they can also be pathways to building significant spiritual connections within ourselves. Read more

Irish-American Witchcraft: Losing Yourself & Finding Yourself Again

We all lose ourselves at different points along the way. We forget who we are, we allow other people to shape us, to decide who we are for us. But it’s in our hands to change that. Read more

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