At every end, there is also a new beginning. Read more

Paganism is a religion for our future because it provides fulfillment on the individual level and is productive on a societal level. Monotheism, while it can be fulfilling on the individual level, on a societal level, it proves to be a detriment. Read more

Some gourds are good for decorating up and making rattles and drums out of, too. They have so many uses; there’s just something about squashes and pumpkins and gourds that I find magical and always have. Read more

I reminded myself that a relationship with the Divine is more than book-learning and research; it is a learning of the heart, a sinuous, sensuous intertwining of the soul with All That Is. A grounding of Self in the Holy. Read more

I am decidedly an outlier on these issues, and that’s okay. I’m comfortable with my Witchcraft heresies. Read more

Hexing is a tool that can be used when all mundane options have been exhausted in a situation.  There is a long history of people employing Hexes when they had no other way to obtain justice. Read more

The experience of personal transformation generally contains an element, much like fire, that is only just under control, and when transformation enkindles it can roar into fierce and fearsome Being. Read more

By defining “Pagan” we’re learning who we are – and who we’re not. Defining Paganism is a challenge, but that doesn’t mean we should shy from the task. Read more

Why do we mock myth? The mocking of myth is deeply rooted in our consciousness. Mythology is mocked because society views myth as primitive stories attempting to explain the unknown, and that’s a very big mistake. Read more

My best friend had told me the week before about a ghost in their house, a very mischievous ghost and how on Halloween this ghost was at his most frisky, pushing plates off the dinner table, adjusting the zombie hand on the patio, and generally, so it seemed, reveling in the party atmosphere and the comings and goings of the honored guests, us children. Read more

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