The Corner Crone: The Book of Mermaid Magic (Review)

The Corner Crone: The Book of Mermaid Magic (Review) October 11, 2022

The Book of Mermaid Magic is the latest offering by Leeza Robertson, whose previous works include A Year of Angel Guidance, Tarot Reversals for Beginners, The Divine Practice of Angel Numbers, and several other books. Leeza has also written the guide books for Mermaid Tarot, Cirque du Tarot, and Animal Totem Tarot.

In the Introduction to Mermaid Magic she writes:

Your mermaid heart, that piece of you that yearns for the water, needs to know who it is and how to express itself in the world of the two-legged. […] This mermaid heart beats within you as a frequency, a vibration that is looking for a match – a mermaid match, if you will.

In this book Leeza presents the Mermaid Pantheon that she has created, consisting of eight archetypes that have a hierarchical relationship with each other and each of which have their own chapter. These chapters include devotional, ritual, healing, and spellwork exercises designed to connect you to the energies of the mermaid archetypes that most align with your own personal merfolk energy.

As part of her system, Leeza also associates each member of the Mermaid Pantheon with a particular chakra, a complex and ancient energy system that originated in India and was first mentioned in the Vedas, written between 1500 – 1000 BCE. She’s very clear that The Book of Mermaid Magic is not a book about chakras; however, chakra work is integral to the book. Leeza reminds her readers that she has been “incredibly selective with the [chakra] content” she has included in the text, and offers her book Tarot Healer as a resource for further reading. I would also encourage readers to do some additional research on the origins of the chakras that is seated in a non-Western (that is, not a Theosophical or New Age) point of view.

The chapters include a Cartomancy section, presenting a particular Tarot card that aligns with each mermaid archetype. Places of power and moon phases that are specific to each archetype are also explored. Overall, the author has created an internally consistent Pantheon that readers who are looking to connect with water energies will enjoy learning about and building a mermaid-centered practice around. Leeza makes a point of telling readers that although the book might feel feminine in nature, “merfolk do not organize themselves into dual aspects of gender. Instead, they believe in personalized self-expression; they have a come-as-you-are type of philosophy when it comes to self-identification.” Accordingly, the book presents as non-binary.

The Book of Mermaid Magic is available for pre-order through Llewellyn Publishing and is due to be published December 2022.


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