The Hearth of Hellenism: Polytheism and the Protection of Progress

Christians did not value natural science because this world was not as important as the afterlife. Securing your place in God’s Kingdom was more important than knowing the inner workings of nature. Read more

The Other Side of the Hedge: The Magic Is in You

We must abandon the self-help movement, step away from comforting gods, and throw ourselves into the fray. Not to fight the world, or abandon it, but to live with power and grace within it. Read more

Hearth of Hellenism: When the Gods Make Contact

When I dream of a God, somehow in the waking world I receive confirmation. They appear in a dream and then appear in real life through something physical. Read more

Tree City Witch: Two Eclipses For Leo Season! Are You Ready?

To make any astrological event work for you, you have to be so very honest with yourself. We cannot expect change otherwise. Take an inventory of your life. Take an inventory of your ghosts. This is what to do for Eclipse season. Read more

The Cartomancer: Eating the Ancestors

Sometimes you eat your ancestors because they’re up to no good. Too much identity leads to stress. Read more

The Other Side of the Hedge: Why I Am a Warrior

When courage falters, people say, “take heart!” Maybe that seems like a silly way to put it, but there is a deeper meaning to this. Cowardice is not a failure of the mind; it is a failure of the spirit. A person who breaks in panic is truly possessed by fear. Read more

Tree City Witch: Getting Unstuck For The New Moon In Leo

Do you set New Moon intentions? There’s a lot of red hot power behind this New Moon and no matter where it’s acting up in your chart, I suggest you take note. This New Moon in Leo can wake you up. Get you unstuck. Read more

The Cartomancer: Just Shut Up

On how to tackle fear. Not by facing it, but by dissolving your attachment to the very concept of fear. Read more

The Hearth of Hellenism: We Don’t have Relationships with the Gods, or Do We?

How do we serve the Gods? Socrates’ view is that we can serve the Gods by being helpful or assisting them. We help to fulfill undertakings which benefit humankind. Our relation with the Gods is how we work with them to bring greater peace into the world and in our own lives. Read more

Tree City Witch: The Sun in Leo Is Your Fire Cure

Leo is a very “look at me” sign. Real life Leos are known for their pride and warmth and creativity and courage and EGO, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. We all need a little ego. We all need to get up each day. Without a sense of self (Sun), how do we know what to do? We don’t. Read more

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