The Other Side of the Hedge: Summon Yourself

We spend our lives as part of society, and that’s not a bad thing. But whether it’s the frustrations of everyday life, wallowing in the troubles of the world on social media, or the pressing and very real needs of loved ones, there are a million ways that we leave little parts of ourselves behind. We are beings with minds, bodies, and spirits. Deep down, we already know that we live between the worlds. But knowing, alone, doesn’t solve all... Read more

Book Of Blackbirds: A Witch’s Tale

Once upon a time there lived a young, naive little witch in her wee cottage by the lane that ran through the middle of a shallow glen. Though she had studied her craft for some while and so considered herself very knowledgeable, the truth is she still had a whole lot to learn about how real magic works in this world. One day above the little witch’s house dark clouds gathered in the sky and it began to rain. The... Read more

Queer Femme Mystic: Why Queer Femmes Make Incredible Witches

In the past few years there has been increased attention to the renaissance of witches and witchcraft in popular culture: witches in film, witches in fashion, and witches fighting back against the dystopian Trump regime. This resurgence has also been felt in LGBTQ communities. As a queer femme witch, I have witnessed queer femme communities becoming progressively vocal and embracing elements of witchcraft, brujería, and other magic(k)al ancestral practices. This makes a lot of sense. You could say that queer... Read more

The Crow’s Nest: Appalachian Granny Women Reviving a Tradition

A tradition near and dear to my heart is that of the Appalachian Granny Woman. I come from the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and my family has lived here for generations. While growing up, I was introduced to this tradition by my mother and other female members of my family. Granny Women originated with immigrants from Scotland and Ireland who bought their folk magic over during the 1700’s and blended them with Native Cherokee knowledge and practices, especially that of... Read more

Tree City Witch: Dear Instagram, Magick Can’t Be Bought

I am not a snarky person. I am one of those heartfelt sincere types. If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts here or other places (my own blog, my old Tarot column on Beliefnet) then you already know this about me. Sincere. Heartfelt. I am not a walking self-improvement meme either. I try to avoid the platitudes and sunsets in my writing. And I got no beef with Instagram, but I’ve noticed a trend and maybe you have... Read more

Star Made Witch: 13 Steps for the Witch Decluttering Spell

I am getting into spring cleaning this month in a witchy way. Most of the declutter plans out there are not for witches. They say things like get rid of everything that does not bring you joy…well what about hex items? They tell you to get rid of books you have already read and books you have had for a while and not read yet. Uh a lot of a witch’s books are reference books so they get read as... Read more

Lamp & Labyrinth: Conceptualizing a Multitude of Spirits

The word inspiration comes from the Latin word inspirio, which means to become inflamed, or to be blown upon. Spirio is seen by linguists to be from a word like the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European word *(s)peys. Inspirio is also the root word of spiritus in Latin and spirit in English. If we consider the many literal and figurative meanings these words carry, we can safely reconstruct our theology using them. In this exploration we will no doubt be establishing parameters of... Read more

The Other Side of the Hedge: Teachers & Students

I recently got back in touch with my meditation and healing teacher. Way back in the good old days of the mid-90s, I spent two years as a hardcore student of his. I’d already been training for most of a decade, but his teachings built a spiritual foundation under everything I had learned. It really saved my bacon. Last week we were chatting online for the first time in a while, and he told me a funny story. Back in... Read more

Hills of the Horizon: Breathing the Year

If all the cosmos is alive, if there is a truly immanent theology, then that applies to time as much as any other phenomenon. The year is a living, breathing entity, one that shifts and shapes in consistent ways. Beltane is coming up, that bit of the wheel of the year that is – at least in my own Craft tradition – the flipside of Samhain. The veil is thin, the energies flow. The year is like breathing, and these... Read more

Tree City Witch: The Kabbalists of Florida and a Story about the Heart

How to integrate it all? Is this a question you ask yourself too? The other day I began to study a book of Jewish mysticism with a friend, a Scorpio. The name of the book is the Sefer Yetzirah, the Book of Formation (or Creation, as it is sometimes translated). In the town where I live, there is a famous twice a year book sale in the fall and spring and this past weekend I found the wonderful Aryeh Kaplan... Read more