I’m of the opinion now that Hekate knew I had to stumble a bit before I walked. Read more

The lesson is simple. If you’re waiting for a leader, it’s you. Read more

Eclipses are big deals to us astrologers. We write about them. We whine about them. We scare our clients and readers unintentionally. And although eclipses are major events and worth the attention we give them, a cosmic crossroad is not the same as a cosmic crisis. Read more

This is not an admonition against lying. The world of magic is a place for adults, and it’s not so much a question of whether we lie, so much as why, when, and how well. Read more

So when I see that this Lunar Eclipse will be happening in Donald Trump’s chart in the house of “hidden enemies” — the 12th House — I start to wonder. Read more

I was immediately welcomed by the women I was helping, not as Trans, but just being me, Bree. Read more

Looking back, there are always things we wish we had known when starting the practice of Witchcraft. Read more

When do we honor the gods? We honor the Gods all the time, but certain times more than others, that is when a religious calendar comes in.” Read more

Self-discipline is not a skill that can simply be learned. It must be grown. Read more

I love getting tarot readings,” said a friend recently, “they’ve saved me thousands of dollars in therapy!” Uhm, no. Read more

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