The Corner Crone: Spirits Unveiled by Michelle Welch

The Corner Crone: Spirits Unveiled by Michelle Welch August 2, 2022

Sometimes, a book that wasn’t remotely on your radar falls into your lap and asks for your attention. Spirits Unveiled: A Fresh Perspective on Angels, Guides, Ghosts & More came into my life unexpectedly in just that way. Written by self-described “reformed attorney” Michelle Welch, owner of SoulTopia in Dallas, Carrollton, and Frisco TX, Spirits Unveiled examines the differences between planes, dimensions, and realms, introduces the reader to a wide range of energetic beings, and suggests practical ways to identify and connect with the spirit worlds.

Readers who are familiar with numerology will appreciate how often the number 11, associated with spiritual awakening, appears throughout the text. Welch covers energetic beings ranging from Ascended Masters (including a couple of surprising entities who, in the author’s words, “do not have anything to do with spirituality”), Angels and Archangels, Ancestors, Animal Guides, Ghosts, Land Spirits, Demons, Thought Forms, Elementals and more.

Also included is a section on Multidimensional Beings, known as starseeds. Welch writes:

“A starseed is a spiritual being that did not originate on Earth but is from a distant galaxy, star system, planet, or possibly a distant universe. These advanced intellectual beings volunteer to come to Earth for some reason. Starseeds typically do not feel like they belong on Earth, but they know they need to be here.” (p. 144)

In this section she includes a true or false exercise to help the reader identify which type of starseed they may be, or which Multidimensional Being the reader might be working with as a guide.

A chapter I found of particular interest is Thought Forms, Demons, and Predatory Spirits. “When you layer thoughts and emotions,” writes Welch, “you have the potential for energetic dynamite. […] A thought form is an entity and is no different from any other type of spirit.” (p. 133) I appreciate how carefully Welch guides readers through the concept of thoughts having energy and the journey they take from incorporeal to corporeal or “beingness”.

The book delves into energetic vibrations and oscillations, and the concept of energies transmuting across frequencies that are both within and beyond the range of human perception. Welch asks her readers to keep an open mind when coming across a concept that may be outside of their experience, and notes:

“Since our reality is based on our beliefs and perceptions, you will probably find no evidence of guides in your life if you choose not to believe. In fact, because your thoughts create your reality, guides may not exist in your reality because of your disbelief.” (p. 15)

Or, in the parlance of Maslow’s Law of Instrument, if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. The Law speaks of over-reliance on a familiar or favorite tool when solving a problem or, in this case, grappling with a concept.

Public domain image by Gerd Altmann via Pixabay.

I approached Spirits Unveiled with a determination to maintain an openness of heart and mind, and to not automatically fall back on the familiar (and somewhat over-intellectualized) precepts – tools, if you will – that I use to inform how I practice my witchery. This open approach to the text led to me being challenged in unexpected ways. As a result I’ve been moved to reexamine some of the ways I automatically tend to categorize and define my belief system, which in turn has challenged me to grow as a spiritual being.

All this is to say: if the Universe drops something in your lap that is unexpected, you may want to take some time to examine the insights offered in that unforeseen source. You might be surprised by what you learn not only about a topic you’ve never really examined  before, but also about yourself.

Spirits Unveiled is available through Llewellyn, Amazon, on the author’s website, and other online vendors. Michelle Welch can be found on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.


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