My best friend had told me the week before about a ghost in their house, a very mischievous ghost and how on Halloween this ghost was at his most frisky, pushing plates off the dinner table, adjusting the zombie hand on the patio, and generally, so it seemed, reveling in the party atmosphere and the comings and goings of the honored guests, us children. Read more

I would strongly urge anyone considering using elf-locks as a term for what would otherwise be called dreadlocks to think about the folklore implications Read more

What is an “Offering”? Why even give offerings in the first place? What constitutes an offering? Let’s take a closer look at the subject of offerings. Read more

We can learn as much from anywhere as long as our hearts are open to receive it, and to deny this fact is to miss out on so much more that this life has to offer us. Read more

With today’s renewed interested in Hermeticism, and the arrival of a new generation of supple translations, we may be entering a phase of Hermetic rebirth. This renewal, however, comes with a caveat, one deeply grounded in Hermetic tradition: If Hermes is to be resurrected, such an operation must occur within you. Read more

There are a number of ways to begin our spiritual training. We can join a group, find a teacher, or seek a vision. We can wait for the mystical to find us as we go about our daily lives. But we always imagine that the only path forward is out there. We couldn’t be more wrong. Read more

The Shadow Self is a Jungian concept.  He theorized that we all have a “Shadow Self”, a dark side of ourselves we do not consciously acknowledge. Shadow work involves bringing the unconscious dark aspects of ourselves to the surface of our conscious, acknowledging it.  By doing so, we come to know ourselves better. Read more

This is my list of movies, varying from campy to well done, that portray different versions of fairies in ways that are truer to folklore. Read more

When you think of philosophy you probably think of the famous Greek trio Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. These men dominate the history of philosophy from ancient times onward. Their brilliance was sought after later by Christians who wanted to show that their God was the true God. This was done by reinterpreting the polytheistic philosophers of Greece, by distorting their words and teachings, maintaining that their teachings were a precursor for monotheism, and that the philosophers rejected polytheism. Read more

The Full Moon Cut: An original 10-card spread inspired by martial arts. Read more

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