The Corner Crone: What’s Your Big Three? (Book Review)

The Corner Crone: What’s Your Big Three? (Book Review) September 27, 2022

I recently came across What’s Your Big Three? How Sun, Moon & Rising Signs Reveal Who You Really Are by astrological counselor Andrea Taylor. Don’t let its compact size (5×7) fool you! This mighty little book is packed full of useful and, at least in my case, sharply accurate information. (And, why no, I didn’t feel at all called out when I read her insights regarding my moon sign; why do you ask? Also, I apparently owe everyone who’s in relationship with me profound appreciation for sticking it out because oh dear. But enough about me ….)

The book is arranged in four straightforward chapters: Sun Signs, Moon Signs, Rising Signs, and Sun and Moon Sign Combinations. Taylor includes a brief introduction describing what a birth chart is, how to determine your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs, and why they’re important in figuring out what makes you tick and may give you some awareness of why others may behave as they do.

Long-time practitioners who are skilled in astrology may not find this book as engaging as I did. For those of us who know next to nothing or very little about astrology and its impact on our lives, What’s Your Big Three? is a very friendly and informative introduction to the field. I appreciate Taylor’s tone, which is never pandering or ponderous. She treats her readers as intelligent seekers who sincerely want to learn more about astrology.

I found Chapter Four particularly interesting. Taylor writes, “[T]he sun embodies our outer persona and the moon relates to our inner emotions, but sometimes we have suns and moons that are so different we have difficulty reconciling our life drive (sun) and our emotional needs (moon).” (p. 169). Her understanding of my particular combination is uncomfortably spot-on. (Let’s face it, I have a difficult moon – apologies, all!)

Because I am in love with the production team at Llewellyn, I have to give a shout-out to cover designer Shira Atakpu, who has incorporated symbols representing each of the Signs into a visually pleasing composition that also relates directly to the book’s topic.

What’s Your Big Three is available for pre-order and should be coming to your local metaphysical store in the next few weeks. This is a tidy little reference book about astrology that is beginner-friendly and written in down-to-earth, accessible language. It’s a terrific addition to your witchy bookshelf!


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