Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft: WooWoo Scale 2.0, Part 2 – Parenting to the WooWoo

Birthing Hereditary Witchcraft: WooWoo Scale 2.0, Part 2 – Parenting to the WooWoo February 16, 2015

Parenting to the WooWoo

In the last installment of this article, I wrote about the WooWoo Scale 2.0 and gave some general guidelines regarding how to deal with your personal WooWoo. This article will address how you deal with WooWoo when you are parenting small children.

Know Your WooWoo Percentage

Understanding your own WooWoo tolerance will help you better deal with your children’s WooWoo. Taking the quiz at will help you understand how WooWoo you are in terms of levels. This will help you better rate your own child’s WooWoo as it emerges.

Imagination and WooWoo

It is important to remember that children will interpret WooWoo as something they are imagining or as a game they are playing with their minds. It is our reaction to these episodes that will solidify the existence of WooWoo in the world or destroy it. When my son was talking to a person I couldn’t see, I asked him who it was. He told me it was Bob, his dragon. My boy was only two or three at the time. I believe in dragons and readily believed that Bob was more than just his imagination, but an actual spiritual entity that had decided to manifest itself to my son. So I asked more about Bob. Was Bob nice? Was Bob big or small? What was Bob telling my boy?

These questions serve two purposes for a parent. The first is to look for signs of paranoia or dangerous thinking. If Bob was telling my boy to cut himself, I might have a completely different response to Bob telling my boy to talk quieter so mommy won’t hear. In fact, had this play had something nefarious in it – violence, anger, maliciousness, fear – I would have sought out a professional psychiatrist immediately to ascertain whether or not I was dealing with mental illness or an imaginative child with a dark sense of humor.

Fortunately, Bob liked to talk about cars. Bob was small like a puppy and liked to change colors. Over time, I have watched Bob grow with my son. I could put forth a theory that my son created a spiritual entity that has grown as he has grown, displaying similar characteristics as my son. I could postulate that my belief combined with my son’s was sufficient enough to create a type of spiritual projection that has developed with reasserted belief. I could also put forth that Bob is an actual dragon that found my son at a young age and has decided to grow and guard him.

It really doesn’t matter. This ideas are all varying degrees of WooWoo, WooWoo that is not harmful and that I have helped to maintain all these years.

Limitations of Magic and WooWoo

When my son was around five, he began to want to do magical spells. The first spell he asked me to do was to make his stuffed animals come to life. This is where, as a parent, I had to inject some reality into my son’s WooWoo.

I explained that magic was mostly meant to work with the world the way the world already was. Stuffed animals don’t normally come to life; therefore, there was no magic we could do to bring them to life. Magic is bound by the realities of the physical world of science and physics. If he wanted a new bike, I suggested, we could do a spell to get a new bike, with a picture of the bike he wants in the right color, and then raise energy to see it manifest. Then we would have to wait at least a full moon cycle (28 days) to see what would happen.

Children who want immediacy find waiting for something hard to do. However, discipline is an integral part of magic. The discipline of the mind and physical body to wait on the energy set in motion is vastly important and a universal truth you will find in nearly all major religions. Immediacy is not a realistic outcome in most things.

Further Limitations of WooWoo

The other thing you don’t want to set your child up for is a belief that magic is the cure for all that ails you. For example, you might suggest you use magic to help a child make a good grade. That magic must always be accompanied by a sacrifice to the gods toward that good grade. Like sacrifice must be made for the desired thing. If you want a good grade, then you must sacrifice the time to study for the good grade. The magic will help ensure that the questions on the test are what you studied for and the study and test taking will culminate in the most advantageous time for the student/magic practitioner.

Training the WooWoo

When you child tells you they have experienced a ghost or met their own pet dragon, employing your own screening to test for paranoid or dangerous ideas is important. You want to establish that the entity is not an expression of a deep emotional trauma that may need addressing. You want to establish that the entity is friendly. You want to establish that the entity is not encouraging your child to act outside the normal standards of behavior of the Family Coven.

However, if they are, you should seek professional guidance to make sure the child isn’t just overly imaginative or whether he or she is responding to some trauma that you are unaware of. Then you can use magic, the application of getting rid of under bed monsters, to help settle the idea in your child’s head.

Willingness to Expose Your WooWoo

When dealing with children, your willingness to expose your own WooWoo is helpful. Talking what you and see and what it could mean helps to develop your child’s own discernment.

Having a set of rules that you apply to WooWoo can be helpful as you guide your child.

  1. WooWoo never promises immediate results
  2. WooWoo cannot go against the known and unknown laws of physical science and physics and quantum mechanics
  3. WooWoo has significance in a person’s life and is never just some random thing that happens
  4. When involving animals, WooWoo presents itself in unusual and unique ways
  5. WooWoo is sacred and not to be shared by everyone
  6. Psychic ability should not be a game you play or flaunt

These are the rules that I have applied as I have moved forward dealing with WooWoo and my own child. You might consider making some of your own.

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