The Busy Witch: Planning a Magical Party

The Busy Witch: Planning a Magical Party May 12, 2015

It’s been far more than a year and a day since my husband and I had a gathering of friends at our house; although hosting is something I love to do, I’ve simply allowed life to get in the way lately. But the weather is like something out of a fairy tale right now, and we finally made space in the busy days to invite a few friends over this weekend.

Photo by Jen McConnel
Photo by Jen McConnel

I’ve found that any social gathering, if approached with a magical mindset, can be a beautiful celebration of fun and abundance, from something as simple as inviting another couple to dinner, to something as detailed as planning a springtime blessing and brunch. Of course, the event itself carries a spark of unpredictable magic; the interplay between the guests, the stories that get told over a glass of wine or a fire pit, and the warm glow that seems to linger in our house, days after our friends have gone.

But you can cultivate some intentional magic with your party planning, too, and I wanted to share a few things I regularly do to make any gathering delightful.

  • THE DAY BEFORE: Clean with intention. We sage the house whenever we go through a full cleaning routine, and that includes the day before a party. Windows get thrown open, sacred smoke wafts around, and sunlight and fresh air give everything an energetic cleaning while we’re scrubbing floors and doing laundry. If you’ve got a house spirit or celestial guardian, now would be a good time to invite them to the party, too.
  • THE HOUR BEFORE: Light a candle or two on the table where you’re planning to set out the food, and mix any drinks you’re planning to serve. This is a GREAT time to add spice or juice to the beverages. Two of my favorites? Cinnamon for passionate conversation, and lemon for fun.
  • DURING: Remember that as host or hostess, you’re holding space for your guests…not unlike the role of a priestess during a ritual. Enjoy yourself, but do it while making sure each newcomer is welcomed with a warm embrace (I’m a hugger, but if that’s not your style, that’s okay, too), and spend a little time chatting with everyone through the course of the gathering. I’ve found that setting up a party that flows through the house and out into the yard helps with this; the food is inside, the fire pit is out, and people are constantly transitioning between spaces. The big group conversations tend to happen around the fire, but the quiet intimate catch up moments usually occur in the kitchen while folks are filling their plates.

Most of all, remember that parties are about love and abundance, so if you want to cultivate the warm fuzzies, ask your friends to bring a dish to pass, and get ready to make some magic!


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