The Path of She: A Summer Solstice Meditation – Thou Art Goddess

The Path of She: A Summer Solstice Meditation – Thou Art Goddess June 13, 2015

The wheel of the year turns and the longest day, the Summer Solstice, is upon us. The powers of life are turned on high, gifting us with a heady display of a natural world in its fully unfurled beauty and overflowing abundance.

Image Courtesy of SheBard Media
Image Courtesy of SheBard Media

From the mighty oak tree with its vast, green canopy to the baby robin casting itself from the nest, what is inside, the luminescent seed of creation within every living being, seeks its destined place in the sunlit world, each according to its unique essence. The Goddess is everywhere and in everything.

At the Summer Solstice, the Divine power that waits for us is our own Goddess Self, calling us to flourish and blossom from our deep inside outward. The baby robin cannot help but jump from its nest and spread its wings in that first moment of flight. The oak cannot help but burst forth from the acorn, stretching its green arms toward the sun. We cannot help but reach for our place in the sunlit world, drawing on our shining presence and special gifts. We may repress and truncate this primal soul imperative, yet our innate, unquenchable desire to flourish in our own unique way remains.

In the midday brilliance of the Summer Solstice, find a warm, comfortable place in your home or outside to do ritual work. Slow your breath and bring your attention to your center. Imagine breathing in and out from your solar plexus. Feel the outward rounding of your belly on the inhale and flattening of your belly on the exhale. At first, keep your eyes open and drink in your sensual engagement of the daylight world: the kiss of sunshine on your skin, a warm, fragrant breeze and the green-world beauty.

Then close your eyes for several deep, full breaths until you feel yourself sink into your inner landscape. Imagine a pathway at your feet, the path of your blossoming. What you seek is the inner sanctum of your feminine soul, where the seed of your true beauty and essence resides. Sense the soles of your feet against the contours of the earth and let the mysteries of this place draw your forward.

As you travel, take in the state of this path. Is it smooth and well tended, in a state of neglect and disrepair, or somewhere in between? Is your way free and clear or blocked by debris and brambles? Take another full breath and accept that, whatever its condition, this is your path and your way forward to your inner beauty and blossoming. Listen for the voice of your inner Goddess Self, beckoning you forward. Try to catch Her scent on the wind. Then continue on your way.

You will know when you have reached your inner sanctum. I cannot tell you what your Goddess Self looks like or what She will say to you. For this place, the holy of holies, is for you and you alone. All I know is that She waits for you, patient and trusting that you will find your way to Her when you are ripe and ready. Ask Her to show you your beauty and sacred purpose, and to help you understand the journey work that can help you blossom in the sunlit world.

When your time with Her, for now, is done, put your hand on each other’s heart until your heartbeats become one. If you are ready, say yes to all that your Goddess Self has shared with you. Say yes to the path of your blossoming.

Then retrace your passage along the path and let each step and breath return you to your physical body and everyday consciousness. Open your eyes and connect once more with the summer bright world from your deep inside outward.

Know that everything in the natural realm around you has been born of its own unique seed. You too have a seed inside of you, woven of the sacred light and sacred matter of your personal essence. There is a place for you in the sunlit world, waiting for the shining outward of your true, deep beauty. The Goddess is everywhere and in everything. Thou art Goddess.

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