The Path of She: Wake to Goodness, Wake to Goddess

The Path of She: Wake to Goodness, Wake to Goddess July 11, 2015

The Goddess, in simple terms, is the feminine face of Divinity, the sacred feminine.  Hers are the natural cycles that govern the Earth and our human lives, from birth, to life, to death, to rebirth.  Her deepest presence is a golden love that is the wellspring from which life emerges, is nurtured, and returns to at the end of its days. Our creative and life-nurturing impulses arise from Her being, as does our capacity to embrace and accept the inevitability of decline and death.

Image Courtesy of SheBard Media Inc.
Image Courtesy of SheBard Media Inc.

This concept of the Goddess and sacred feminine is foreign to our modern sensibilities. She has been relegated to the fringe of our collective psyche, repressed, belittled and denigrated. Yet She exists, regardless of our cultural disregard for Her presence and powers, ever available for our discovery and knowing.

Pagans understand the Goddess as immanence; She is everywhere and in all things. On a personal level, this means that you need not look any further than your own life-centered and love-based instincts, your innate goodness, to come to know Her.

I invite you to open up your heart to the Goddess, and to let Her reveal Herself in your life. For this week, pay close attention to occurrences in your everyday life that speak to you of the goodness of our human nature. These can be your inner impulses, outer actions or things you witness in others where kindness, compassion, love, generosity, acceptance or any other life-enhancing response is present. Remember to look for this goodness in happy and sad moments, and in those that speak of joy and of pain. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, our best life- and love-based instincts are often most clearly visible in our suffering.

Carry a journal book with you and record: the details of these experiences, your emotional, physical and energetic response, your perceptions of the responses of others, and any spontaneous insights that pop into your head. Do not analyze or try to reconcile these occurrences with your spiritual conceptions, Goddess or otherwise. For this week and this exercise, keep to experiences that are direct and visceral, unedited and raw, with the intention of coming into direct communion with the Goddess/sacred feminine inside of you and in your human kin.

This exercise may feel foreign to you, or you may already have a direct, profound relationship with the Goddess. Regardless, to spend a week with the intention of opening your heart and consciously witnessing/engaging the sacred feminine in your everyday life can change you.

I have come to fervently believe that our love and innate goodness are potent elixirs that can mend our hearts and heal our collective humanity. By opening to our unique dance with these essential, life-centered qualities, we can begin to return their healing, sacred feminine powers to the center of our personal lives and human society. When we wake to goodness, we wake to Goddess.

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