Wyrd Words: Prayer

Wyrd Words: Prayer September 3, 2015

Greetings, and welcome back to Wyrd Words. Keeping the Thor in Thursdays, here on Agora!

Prayer is one of those contentious topics in the Heathen community that often stirs up more trouble than good. A lot of Heathens don’t believe in praying at all, while others prefer almost liturgical forms of worship. Most of the time this isn’t a big issue simply because it’s mostly a matter of personal practice than community ritual, but it can still spark quite heated debates when brought up in open forums.

That being said, since I started my mailing list nearly 2 years ago one of the most common requests I’ve received is for ‘Heathen Prayers’ to specific deities. Despite the fact that I’ve never prayed much myself, a lot of the people who follow my work here and on facebook really seemed to want some kind of devotional that they could share with their friends. So, in the spirit of community service, here are the top six deities requested (in order) so far.

Hail Odin, all father, wise wanderer, tamer of wolves, the gray watcher.  Bright eye, the seer who regards the worlds from Ravens wing.  As you once hung for nine days to discover the secrets of teh runes, so too let me find the courage in my pursuit of knowledge.  As you once gave your eye to the depths of Mimir's well, so too let me find the determination to presevere in my quest for widome.  As you once shared your prize and brought the gift of poetry in Midgard, so too let me learn generosity that I may use my knoweldge wisely.
A Prayer to Tyr, the master of war.  You are the champion of justice and lord of honor.  You gave your hand to bind the great beast, Fenrir.  Thus you taught us the virtue of sacrifice.  You who are fated to fall to the wolf of Ragnarok will still march and take the great beast with you into death's embrace.  Through this, you teach us to honor our duties and stand before the enemey without fear.  May I find the courage to stand against the tide when my final battle comes.  May I find the strength to give my all when the community has need.  I hail the god of glorious battle who is called "One Handed" and "Leavings of the Wolf."

Hail Thor, son of Odin, who dwells in Bilskirnir! Called Thunderer, Lord of the Hammer, and He Who Rides Alone.  We who fight in defense of our kith and kin call to you as VeÞormr, the garding of Midgard.  May our courage honor your legacy as we stand together against the tide and prove once more that we will not be broken.  We who march to face our enemies call to you as VingÞorr, the Lord of Battle.  May our strength honor your legacy as we bring down the hammer to shatter the shields of our foes.  We who are left to tend the homestead while our kindred fight in far off lands hail Asa-Þorr, Slayer of Trolls, Harbinger of Storms, and Lord of Prosperity.  We speak your praise in the field with the fruits of our crops.  We sing your songs in the forges with ringing voices of hammers on iron.  By the sweat of the brow, we honor you.  By the blisters of our hands, we honor you.  By the satisfaction of a day's work done well, we honor you.  Hail to the God of Thunder! May your legacy live on in us.

A Prayer to Njordr:  Hail to the lord of deep waters!  The one called the Bearer or Ships, the Master of the Winds, the Merchant's Boon, and the Keeper of the Fathomless Secrets.  Guide me, great Jarl of the oceans, though I be adrift in strange waters.  The mists of doubt have clouded my vision.  Crash your waves upon the rocks that I may hear the coming dangers.  Guardian of Sailors, Fisherman's Friend, reinvigorate my spirit with the smell of the Sea.  Let the wind take me home again, before I am taken by the storm.

Hail Loki, called Lopt, called Hvedrung.  Odin-kin and Fortune Bringer, Word-Smith and Fire Singer.  You who bears the burden of all the lore that should remain unsung.  You are not interested in playing the tunes we wish to hear, nor saying the words that we're supposed to say.  For you are the master of lies and speaker of truths, and your songs were meant to reveal that which we would hide from ourselves.  We are bound by teh masks we wear, thralls to the people our society tells us we are supposed to be.  May the fires of change set us free.

A Prayer to Skadi:  I hail the warior goddess Skadi, who is called Lady of Winter, and the Shining Bride of the Gods.  May I always feel your courage within me that I may act with honor when injustices threaten good people.  For it is you, Bright Lady of the Mountain, who dones all the weapons of war when the weregild must be paid. Let the song of the wolves kindle within my spirit the fortitude to stand against the tide and see that the wrongs are righted.

[Editor’s Note:  I’ve put the text of Alyxander’s payers in the “alt text” of the images he shared above.  If you are visiting the page an unable to read or hear them, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do to make sure they’re more accessible.  Thanks!]

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