Adventures in Wortcunning: A Little Help-er

Adventures in Wortcunning: A Little Help-er March 18, 2016
Photo courtesy of Anne Duthers
Photo courtesy of Anne Duthers

I make charms. And I make candles. I had some extra supplies about when the creative juices were flowing like electricity, and something happened. Now, I feel a bit like Doctor Frankenstein – it’s alive!

And, very different from the frightful creature with PTSD who never had a chance to heal from his traumatic surgery: this little guy is a cutie! I made more, and set them loose. You can’t blame me, we all need a little help sometimes. And I have been very busy lately.

Then Disney stole my name for him and made a movie, too.  That’s okay, their guy is a bumbler. My little helpers do their job, whatever it is that you set them to do. I made even more, and started giving them to friends.

A bit of wire, an ounce of wax, a semi-precious gemstone, good strong intention, and some fancy twisting and there he is. Another one, stuck inside a beeswax candle, waiting to be set free.

Each has a separate proclivity or calling, and each has his/her own personality. Like humans, no two are alike. And unlike humans, they will do as you ask them without clearing the refrigerator between times. Upkeep is minimal for these guys, all they ask is that you do not lose track of them. Goodness knows what they might get up to on their own!

They do not seem to mind extraordinary treatment. One girlfriend put hers on a chain and hung him about her neck. Another friend leaves his buried in a candle until he’s ready to release the little one to do his bidding.  Because that is what Minions do, their owner’s bidding.

Oh, go on… tell me you’ve never needed a hand with a project you didn’t know how to move forward with. Release a Minion! He can help you behind the scenes to find the quickest path to completion.

Or, how about a project you don’t have time to work on? A Minion can help with this, too, by stirring the pot you’ve left on the back burner to simmer awhile.

Thing is, just as with any magick, your capability is entirely predicated by your Will and Perseverance. Adding a little helper into your spell working and you will be able to compartmentalize your focus on a subject. Or two. Or three. Maybe this little guy helps with your family relationships, telling the folks you love how much you love them, even when you are not around.

Or maybe he sits at your computer monitor and helps to keep the gremlins of distraction at bay. Another on your dashboard might help to find a parking space, or stay busy protecting your car from dings in the parking lot.

If you give a Minion to your beloved, it will help you stay connected and take care of each other—because that is your intention, right?

We can talk about intention and what that means in sympathetic magick. It is (almost) everything. That infamous line about good intentions paving the road to the Underworld, only talks about intentions that are not well thought out. A little planning and a little help can make all the difference between a plan that goes well, and intentions that start shopping for shoes to match the handbasket as soon as they set out.

It is important to remember that we work magick all the time. Each choice and quantum of attention we pay out, returns in unavoidable measure. It is the Law of Natural Consequences and you cannot get around this version of Justice, she wears no blindfold and will come find you… eventually.

And these little guys are the same. Created entirely in Love and Joy, they know no fear or coercion, and will not obey its instruction. If you tried to use one in such a fashion, it would not animate to work in other dimensions, he would only stand there, looking adorable and wondering what you were on about.

So no worries if you see these little ones proliferate. Hidden in a tea-light candle, they make excellent gifts for the busy person who has everything… except a Minion or two. I will be teaching a class in kinetic transformation helping students to create their own helpers, too. A bit of twisted wire, a semi-precious gemstone and a generous dollup of creative Love – he may not be Superman, but he can work in other realms to help you with a project. There is so much to do, couldn’t you use a hand?

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