Full Frontal Magic: You Can’t Move Forward by Merely Wishing and Magic

Full Frontal Magic: You Can’t Move Forward by Merely Wishing and Magic June 19, 2016

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Whenever we talk about the commercialization of magic I am sure we are going to get a few raised eyebrows. In the traditions that I work in it is perfectly natural and acceptable to charge for magic. That point I am not interested in rehashing, but one thing that comes up constantly in my interactions with students and customers is the notion that the magic “just works”. At least that’s the expectation. Leviosa, right?

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This particular issue has two “sides”, or perhaps more succinctly, two demonic shadow horns.  The first “horn” is the notion that you have to do everything in your power before doing any magic. The second “horn” is this notion that you do not have to do anything to help the magic along. Although these two issues seem different, both issues tend to force the magic to work against the grain. In regard to the first issue, magic is the last possible Hail Mary pass (implying that the odds are already against the situation). In the second issue, magic is the winning lottery ticket.

These two things should sound similar. In both cases, the person is relying on magic to do the heavy lifting. Miracles are possible, but often the best results come from acting while “magicking” even if you pay someone to do the magic for you.  This means that you have to have a plan (and) you have to understand what is reasonably possible.

That term “reasonably possible” is one that, when we are talking about magic, sounds oxymoronic but the idea is grounded in an easy to understand concept that I like to call the sphere of availability. The sphere of availability was originally penned by an author named Ophiel and is really what is within the realms of possible for where you are at. For instance, a homeless person may have great difficulty even conceiving of what a house that they own means, let alone having $10,000,000. They have to start their journey of prosperity closer to sphere of availability they current reside in. In this the first expansion of prosperity might be to find a rug to sit on and then a second expansion to the sphere of availability might be finding a room to stay in. Many enchantments sound good on paper, but if you cannot even conceive of what the result might be, it is probably outside of your sphere of availability.

We have these limitations from a lifetime of experiences and conditioning. Even for most middle class people, becoming a millionaire is not what they can conceive of. Lotto dreams of a new car or a house, but that is it. Enchantments should fit into what is at least near the circle of availability a person has.

I could enchant for a management position similar to a Chief Technology Officer in my day-to-day life. I have the proper training (from my MBA) and life experience. I know what that position looks like and would feel like and it is a half-step from where I am at. Would I have that sphere of availability, before I went to college? Maybe, with time and planning. No amount of money spent on spell-work will change that need for time and planning.

Long term enchantments can be very good at enlarging the sphere of availability, but by themselves, if what you are asking from is far outside your grasp, you have to have a plan to go from ‘Point A’ to ‘Point B’. The plan is a spiritual expression of how your sphere of availability changes. Viewing practical magic as the lubricant to make the wheels spin faster in your favor is more optimal, efficient, and often more successful. More often than not, the single determinate of success is fortitude and resilience in line with a committed plan. Where the magic really comes in, is in the strong reduction of time that a committed plan could take when everything is aligning for you.

Let’s go back to the job issue.  I enchant for a job that I know perhaps I am not qualified for?  If I have alternative skills, like a high charisma, maybe this is within what I can grasp right now.  If I lack those skills, I can certainly make a plan, get the skills, get a junior position in the field I am interested in, and move up to a real position.  Coursea offers courses all the time as well as the endless resources of the internet.  What if that entire journey only took a year? I would consider that remarkable and effective magic for a professional change.

Let’s consider a second area. Love magic.  Love magic is often complicated because people will pay for a specific lover to come into their lives. Assume it is for a new love to come into their lives. Inevitably, when you ask questions, you often find out the person has been single a long time. When you dig deeper (if they will let you) you find out that often they are either working 60+ hours a week or they have long term self-esteem issues. While consciously, certainly they can conceive of having a romantic relationship, unconsciously, this is outside of the person’s sphere of availability. To expand that sphere, the person HAS to cut down the working hours so they have time to actually meet someone. Or, in the case of self-esteem issues, they have to do the hard WORK of self-healing. One cannot wish to have a relationship while at the same time believing they are not worthy to have it. The third category tends to be people who get stuck on a specific person they cannot really have and they obsessively focused on that person. In all three categories, does the person’s sphere of availability really allow for what they are asking for?

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cover of a book reading "Hands-on Chaos Magic"So what’s a simple way to combine the magic and the planning?  Start off by doing a big magical operation for the outcome you want, even if it is seemingly out of reach.  Call to your spirits. Ask the God and Goddess, form a sigilized intention. Do what you are going to do, but if you call other spirits down, promise that you will take the needed steps in the physical world. If you are doing a sigil, promise yourself.  Design the ritual so that you have a talisman of some sort. If you need help with ritual design and basic talismans from a non-dogmatic point of view, see: Hands On Chaos Magic.

The talisman serves as a reminder of your commitment and a space-time juncture for the starting spell-work. Sit down with the talisman and write out your goal in reverse from the end point, backwards to where you are right now. As you look at the step before the step you are working on, you have to ask one question. “DO I KNOW THAT I CAN ACHIEVE THIS?” If in your head there is a step where you say “NO, I cannot achieve this step”, break the step into smaller and smaller pieces until you can say YES.

Now you are in a position to start from the beginning of the list and work through the items while adding tactical magic spells at steps that you think might take longer (remember you absolutely know you can do each step). What happens in practice, is that as you get through the tasks, your sphere of availability will change in the direction you are trying to manifest and that is powerful self-change magic built into the process.

In most cases, whether you buy spell-work or enchant for something in your life, you still have to go through the personal growth process in most cases. IF you follow the simple framework above, using your own rituals or work you purpose, you will find that your life has transformed at a remarkable pace.  Grease the wheels of your success and use magic and your hands to succeed.

[Author’s note: If you are struggling with making these sorts of transition plans, I do offer extensive life-coaching. I have extensive course-work in graduate level psychology and in business (MBA).  Book a session, and we can co-create a workable plan for you to move you toward the life you CAN imagine and become!]

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