Full Frontal Magic: Exorcisms, Healing, and Getting Your Life Back

Full Frontal Magic: Exorcisms, Healing, and Getting Your Life Back November 5, 2016

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In a sub-series for Full Frontal Magic, I would like to call attention to “How to Work with a Professional Sorcerer or Priest(ess)”. I want to talk specifically in this article about clearing, banishing, and exorcism in relation to the healing process.

For example, things can get stuck in a person’s energy or aura when it’s so close to the holidays for the dead. This “sticking” can happen with no purposeful malevolence on the part of any third parties. Of course, curses (from others or even from the self) start doing the same thing.

First, some assumptions for the purposes of this blog. I know some people believe that magic is really just psychological. I have no judgement there. While some of the techniques will be very useful in that context, this blog post assumes that spirits have an external existence outside of our mental construction, that our energy/mind/spirit are linked strongly, and that non-linear, non-psychological effects are possible with magic. Another assumption is that it is perfectly natural and acceptable to hire a priest(ess) or sorcerer to help you with various issues.

The fact that people throw curses and spirits do “attach” to people is way more common than you might expect. Of course in polite company, people do not admit to such things.  From my perspective, the way most curses and spirit attachments “work” is by getting into a person’s energy system, which then causes psychological and physical changes.  Sometimes these curses cause physically diagnosable problems that are often aggravated by financial issues, bad habits, and emotional stress.

Sure, some curses or spirit work can directly cause a major event in a person’s life, but more often it seems to be that the person’s reaction to the negative events is far more important.  When a curse hits a person, one way to think of the event is that the curse is like a wave hitting a ship. If the ship is in a vulnerable position, or has a weakened hull, the ship might sink outright or be forced to take a different course. That course change often moves people away from the things that make them happy. Perhaps the ship does not sink, but instead takes on water. Now the ship moves slowly, or differently. The ship metaphor is not exact, but it does start to give a way to conceptualize the process.

When a self-induced-curse gets into the energy system of a person, negative thought loops inside of the person are enhanced and strengthened. As I cover in the shapeshifting course I run, the energy system of a person, reality around a person, and mind of a person all mirror each other. The system (aka the person), adapts and re-orientates, developing new habits for the new reality. Essentially, the person actually makes new habits in line with the “curse” energy. However, in the case of a self-induced curse, the newly created habits are not adaptive and cause more pain, suffering and frustration which only empower a degrading of the energy system and thus mind of the person who is suffering.

There are a few tricky things about this process. First a person can look very strong in one area, but in another area can have this degrading process going on. Second, sometimes these type of spirit attachments and curses can sneak past even someone who is doing daily work (although that is rare). More often than not, the person is not doing daily cleansing work and it gets into the system and becomes “sticky.”

If you really think about the process I am describing from a holistic point of view, the curse or negative spirit attachment can affect all aspects of a person’s life and by the time someone notices, they can have made a lot of life changes that do not help them. So what happens when someone like me removes the original curse or spirit attachment? Let’s think in metaphors again. When a car is going 65 miles an hour down the highway, turning off the engine alone does not stop the car. Or, perhaps in this case, a train is a more apt metaphor.   The longer an embedded curse or attachment has been in the system, the more weight it has in a person’s life. This kind of momentum can be tremendous and extremely difficult to stop.

For most people, they will very slowly start to make subtle changes to make things better once the original spiritual cause is gone.  That momentum requires a healing process even when the original spiritual cause is exorcised. In most cases, this takes much longer than the banishing or exorcism, and requires a fair amount of life coaching either through a formal life coach or supportive friends, family and or tribe. The changes that caused the problems did not happen overnight, and coming back will usually not be an overnight process either.

When this happens, lives are fundamentally changed by the experience. Relationships have changed, jobs are different, even the physical body and physical processes may have changed. Every person I have taken on as a client, will go through grieving stages about their “former life.”  Attachment to the details of that “old” life only empower regret which is more momentum on the train reinforcing the old destructive energies and patterns. Regret comes with self-blame and the “how could I let this happen.” Instead we have to look at life as a changing cornucopia of details. We can work to have certain qualities like love, joy, health and wealth in that cornucopia. In many ways, this is the 5 second secret of many eastern religions and what practical detachment looks like.

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A lake is changed, simply by throwing a pebble into it, just as you are changed by experience.

People come to me all the time and ask for exorcisms and or spirit attachment removal and I usually tell them that while I can do that service, it will not entirely fix the problems they are trying to fix. Even if I remove the negative spirit or energy, they have things they need to do in the world to counter the momentum. In most cases, I will not even do the “spiritual” exorcism unless people agree to some coaching.  At least one session to create a life plan that encompasses their new life vision.

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While I can and do help people with this process and do go the extra mile, a person can do this themselves. Keeping in mind what I said about exorcism, if you have a problem, you can work to create a new life. Remember, NEW life, not get the old life back. (It is helpful to confirm with others and to get verification through divination from other people to help you confirm that the problem is not just a projection.)

  • Start with an Exorcism or Larger Banishing Ritual.
  • Ask for help of those connected to you, or pay a professional you know and trust.
  • Write the outcome of the new life you want to have 5 years out. You must move forward to a new life and get some feedback from people you trust as to whether or not this outcome is realistic and achievable. Ask those same people if you are really presenting a future that pushes you in constructive, positive growth. It’s easy to give people a status quo plan. It is harder to include that necessary growth. The ideal new outcome should have growth and be achievable. 5 years is a long time and you will make some real progress.
  • Break down the future into tasks, moving backwards from the final outcome step by step forward into the present. Try to break down the tasks backwards into “Milestone” events.
  • Continue the breakdown of the time line, moving backwards in time and identifying the tasks between your Milestones so that each and every task you have is achievable, measurable, reasonable, and doable. Each task should be something that you can know you can measure your success on and adjust as you are doing the work. You should never have a step between tasks that you are left thinking, “how do I get from here to there?” If you have gaps like that, make your steps smaller and smaller till you know you can make the jump from the step you are working on to the one before it.
  • These tasks form a life plan and serve as a guide when you read the list going forward in time. Of course, no plan ever goes perfectly and you WILL need to adjust, possibly many times, midstream. This is OK and expected!
  • Although it is weird to think of the plan as a healing plan, in many ways this is a healing plan for the psychic injury that occurred and affected other aspects of your life. The forward plan also gives you great insight into where to put positive magical operations.

In the process, a funny thing will happen. The curse or spirit attachment that initially caused so many problems can be redeemed as a source of alchemical growth and personal power.  Instead of a “wound”, the curse becomes a powerful motivational tool which can propel you much further than if nothing had happened. The curse itself shakes things up in a negative way, but we can reclaim the negativity and use the breaking down to move forward much faster. Adversarial paths of magic often work in this way, but that is a topic for a future blog.

Author’s Note:

Are you struggling with a situation like I described? Touch base with me. Together we can work out a plan and get you moving in the right direction. I have both the magical and hypnosis based skills to do the exorcism and the cognitive rewiring to get you back on that road to a happy and personally meaningful and fulfilling life!

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