Wyrd Words: World Wide Heathenry – A Global Heathen Demographic Survey

Wyrd Words: World Wide Heathenry – A Global Heathen Demographic Survey November 17, 2016

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Heathenry is an increasingly visible form of spirituality in the modern world yet not much is well-known about the people who practice it. The most prominent works of scholarship on our community are Jennifer Snook’s American Heathens and the Norse Mythology Blog Worldwide Heathen Census.

For our community to continue to grow it needs to be better understood, both by the public and ourselves. To that end, we are proud to announce Huginn Heathen Hof’s first ever Global Heathen Demographic Survey. With this survey, we are seeking to better understand who are the people practicing Heathenry, what motivates them to take up our form of spirituality, what their communities are like, and their general views on a number of key topics.

Anyone who identifies as Heathen is welcome and encouraged to submit their responses to the survey. For this survey, we are using the same definition and terms as the Norse Mythology Blog Census. For our survey the term Heathenry includes but is not limited to those who identify as Anglo-Saxon Heathenry, Ásatrú, Asatro, Firne Sitte, Forn Sed, Forn Siðr, Germanic Heathenry, Germanic Neopaganism, Germanic Paganism, Heathenism, Heathenry, Norse Paganism, Norse Religion, Northern Tradition, Odinism, Old Way, Theodism, Urglaawe, or Vanatru or any other spiritual practice influenced by the traditions and practices of the pre-Christian Germanic peoples.

Below is the link to the question form that includes all of the information we would like you to submit. Unless you specifically give us permission to quote you all of your responses will remain anonymous. This survey will be open until January 16th. The findings of the Huginn’s Heathen Hof Demographic Survey will be posted by the beginning of February of 2017 and made available to the public for use as a resource for the modern Heathen community.

If you would like to participate, and help build a better understanding of the Heathen community, please select your primary language below.

(More options will be added as we are able!)



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