Keep Calm …. August is Almost Here

Keep Calm …. August is Almost Here July 31, 2012

Who had an awful, or awful crazy, July? Me! Me! Me! I would love to blame it on Mercury Retrograde or the planets, but I think it comes down to that the Universe is in a shift, and the majority of people just don’t like change. You turn on the television or radio, and most all are complaining, or airing the worst of the worst stories. Cities are going bankrupt. Friends and families are losing their jobs and houses. Even with good news, it seems that it is quickly followed by bad news. Our lives are over saturated with the negative. I wish I had a magic potion. I wouldn’t even sell it, I would give it away. Honest. Unfortunately, I don’t. The best words of wisdom that I can give you is to keep calm, and believe.

Lately I have been seeing an awful lot of the “Keep Calm and _____” signs like the one above. At the beginning of World War II the Government of the United Kingdom distributed thousands of posters that simply said “Keep Calm and Carry On” as morale boosters in case of a disastor. How ironic that the same slogan is making its way into our homes through social media, t-shirts and print. They say history repeats itself, and I ask if we could perhaps learn from this?

We get ourselves into so much trouble when we stop taking those steps. Try to stop walking in a major city like New York. You will get pushed around, possibly even knocked down. So then why are you stopping if you are being shoved off your track. YOU are letting it happen. Okay, don’t start yelling at me. I get that life can knock you down, and off track, but by laying there you will get run over.

So July is almost over! If I had the energy I would through an Internet party with balloons, wine and chocolate. Astrologers are promising that things look up for August. What I say to that is it only looks up if you GET UP, start fresh, keep calm and BELIEVE.

Wishing you a fabulous August and remainder of 2012. And always remember to believe!


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