Get Out of Your Own Way

You know that a show or movie is fabulous when the characters and storylines feel real, and you can’t wait to see what happens next. Writers, directors and production companies thrive on that kind of reaction from viewers because it means big ratings, more shows/movies and more money. It is a very impersonal business, very one-sided. Lately there have been many remakes of old films. “Can’t they think of something original,” you often hear on social media and morning shows. The interesting thing i … [Read More...]


Wish Upon the New June Moon

A New Moon, or Dark Moon (since you actually won’t see any moon), occurs once a month. The New Moon is the darkest phase of the Moon, but it also marks the beginning of the two-week time frame when the Moon moves away from the Sun and increases in light, which it a great time to begin new projects, new love, new careers or anything else new you want to do (or are afraid to do)! This New Moon begins on Friday, June 27th at 4:10 a.m. EST.This moon in CANCER is great for: • Home projects • Bei … [Read More...]


Look Up

As the weather heats up, the activities around town do too. Chuck and I, sometimes alone, or with either kids or friends, try to do several events like take in a Detroit Tiger game, the zoo, a festival here or there, concerts, and so on. Just this weekend Chuck and I took a mini-vacation over to Ontario, Canada to see Country artist Jake Owen in concert.“I’m just going to leave my phone at home,” Chuck said to me as we packed up the car. “I don’t want international charges anyway, so no biggy … [Read More...]


June’s Strawberry Full Moon

Maya Angelou said that “There's a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.” Friday’s Sagittarius Full Moon tackles the truths and perceived truths in our lives, uncovering and releasing.Full Moons tend to make many feel emotional and sometimes weepy, and the June Full Moon, called the Rose Moon or Strawberry Moon, can make you feel as if it is time to pack up a suitcase and explore the unknown, both literally and figuratively.  But knowing that you can’t escap … [Read More...]


Cosmic Chaos: Maleficent Mercury Retrograde – the Newest Queen?

We are now in the shadow of Mercury Retrograde, the dreaded word that so many cringe when they hear. The Villain of Astrology. But what exactly is it? And has MR gotten a bad rap?Mercury Retrograde occurs three times a year, and lasts for several weeks during each time period. It is said that Mercury Retrograde goes backwards, or goes on a vacation. Mercury is ruled by communication, so anything with communication, contracts and legal obligations can and often does go haywire.May … [Read More...]


Happily Ever After

Last Sunday my little girl became a Mrs. with only a two weeks’ notice and only days’ notice that her fiancé (a Marine) was given weekend leave. And so my daughter Micaela and I planned a small outdoor wedding for our closest family and friends, all the while praying that the weather would cooperate, Caleb's plane wouldn't be delayed or orders revoked, the flowers would arrive on time, and on and on. What happened in those two weeks could only be described as divinely aligned from the dress that … [Read More...]


A Lottery Winning Psychic

One of the most common questions that I get when I do television or radio interviews is, why hasn’t any psychics won the lottery? Of which I typically I reply back with a ‘yet’. Just because you are psychic or have the gift of communicating with the Other Side does not mean that you are all knowing. I’m not sure the all-knowing part would be a gift anyhow.I can, however, explain why I haven’t won the lottery. I don’t believe I will. I don’t have the mindset that I will win the lottery. That, … [Read More...]


Surrender to Spirit

“Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find the right road.” Dag Hammarskjold This week one of the headlines out of San Marcos, California - Good Samaritan answers family's note sent with balloon to mom in heaven made National News. A story that spotlighted the use of surrendering to spirit.After many years, Renee Finney, a 42 year old mom of three lost her battle with cancer. Without any money to have for a … [Read More...]

She is a Scorpio, She is a water sign. She is passionate, strong, deep with lots of intuition. She is intense, sometimes so intense she can be a little intimidating- if you know her you are lucky, if you are one, you are blessed :) --studio3ten

A Sassy Scorpio Full Moon

The upcoming full moon on May 14th at 3:16 p.m. EST, which will appear in the sign of Scorpio, is bound to already be bringing up some heightened emotions. This can mark a turbulent time/experience. Several may experience financial issues, loss of job, or bad news. Arguments and a short temper will be the theme for the next 48 hours. Betrayals and hurt feelings from those close around you may surprise you. And finally, you may feel depression or a deep sadness (especially with regards to where … [Read More...]


The Can’t Crusher

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw Last Wednesday I breathed a huge sigh of relief after sending over my promised manuscript to my editor last week, several months late.  Although the book was something I had worked on for some time, and it was a topic that I loved talking about (Heaven), I was allowing the topic and the content to make me over analyze my ability and my message. After hinting to my lovely editor that with 50,000 words in … [Read More...]