The Key to Your Intuition

June 25th we welcome in a Super New Moon in Cancer. Being that it is in a water sign, we take on the emotions and are fueled by the negative and positive of that sign, no matter your astrological sign (i.e. if you are a Pisces you stay a Pisces, but you also can absorb the Cancer sign's attributes). New Moons bring changes and new beginnings that many are afraid to embrace. So below are 5 keys. Choose a key to reveal what your soul may be telling you to work on during this New Moon phase. Take … [Read More...]

Summer Moments

When I was a kid I craved to have family vacations, weekends at the cottage, and lounging by the lake time.  I would look outside my bedroom window and see life rush past me, believing that everyone was having fun besides me. Of course that wasn't true. When my kids were smaller I tried to do my best to schedule some summer fun. There was never a Disney vacation, cruise, or tropical trip - it was more like a picnic at the local park. That to me, was still never enough. I wanted to give them … [Read More...]

You Can Overcome

I was just transitioning out of corporate life and doing sessions out of my house in the evenings and weekends when I met up with a young lady who was just starting college, immigrating here from a horrific part of the world where she more than likely would've been killed. She didn't have any family here in the States, spoke broken English, but believed that the USA was her chance to not only survive, but thrive. I saw her becoming a physician, and she told me that was her dream. She hoped to … [Read More...]

The Full Moon Has On Rose Colored Glasses

Full Moons tend to make many feel emotional and sometimes weepy, and the June Full Moon, called the Rose Moon or Strawberry Moon, can make you feel as if it is time to pack up a suitcase and explore the unknown, both literally and figuratively.  But knowing that you can’t escape, and instead have to face life’s choices can make you feel either depressed or inspired.Frustration and impatience, two typical reactions to Full Moons, are both negative attributes, which throw more negative your w … [Read More...]

Lessons in Wonder Woman

Last week was filled with many head scratching moments. I came pretty close to deactivating all of my social media accounts as I became a target for drama. One of which was what I thought was a harmless question about a large snapping turtle we found in our yard. It turned into people telling me to move out of the neighborhood and one person saying they didn't want a psychic living anywhere in their community. What it all had to do with the turtle was beyond me. But I found that the 'Welcoming … [Read More...]

New Month Oracle

Below are 6 cards from Steven Farmer's EARTH MAGIC Oracle Deck. The backs are all the same, but by using your intuition choose one of the cards that calls out most to you. This is what you will need to work on this month. Take a deep breath in and out. Don’t second guess yourself – just choose. By trusting your own intuition, taking the advice, and following through on the actions you will be amazed by your life outcome - more fulfillment in all areas. Sure, it isn’t easy, but well worth it in th … [Read More...]

Free – Memorial Day InSight

“The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men.” -- Minot J. SavageFor many the long Memorial Day weekend is a hint of summer or backyard barbecues, sleeping in, opening the pool or putting the boat in. Memorial Day for others is remembering all those who sacrificed their life, something we often forget because we are so caught up in the excitement of time off of work the real meaning can quickly be forgotten.As I was meditating the other morn … [Read More...]

Be Your Truest Friend – New Moon in Gemini

A New Moon, or Dark Moon, since you actually won’t see any moon, occurs once a month (sometimes two, but I don’t want to completely confuse you or force you to make more cupcakes than you have to). The New Moon is the darkest phase of the Moon, but it also marks the beginning of the two-week time frame when the Moon moves away from the Sun and increases in light, which it a great time to begin new projects, new love, new careers or anything else new you want to do (or are afraid to do)!This N … [Read More...]

The Death Dream

I'm often asked to interpret dreams, visits, signs, and the meaning of re-occurring numbers. I probably receive a dozen or so requests every single day. As much as I can and I love doing it, it requires being in a special meditative place and calling on the energy. It's sort of like asking a plumber to talk you through you fixing your busted pipe. As much as I'm sure the plumber would love to help, his/her schedule is full of paying clients and when he/she gets home and browses social media and … [Read More...]

No Strings On Me

"You're way too sensitive," he told me. "If you were only stronger. If you had thicker skin. If you were...""Someone other than me," I replied with tears rolling down my cheek. The same tears that angered him. The same tears that made him think I was weak. The fact was I felt everything. I still do. I feel the lies. I feel the broken promises. I feel the hurt. I feel the grief. I feel everything, and always have. It wasn't until I learned how to create boundaries and cut the strings to … [Read More...]