We All Need Help Sometime

The little girl was about three years old and was screaming in the middle of Target at her mother, who looked to be humiliated. Her face blushed, not from the cold, but from her daughter’s tantrum.“I can do it myself. I don’t need any help!” the small, but powerhouse girl screamed, whipping her brown hair around with attitude. The girl’s coat was on upside down and inside out and she was having a problem getting it off in order to fix it. Her mom was simply trying to pull it off of her. But … [Read More...]

Snowed In

Instead of attending a bustling Super Bowl party I sat on my couch next to the flickering fireplace that was making haunting shadows on my cheerfully painted yellow walls.  Sipping a cup of hot tea, I watched the snow fall fast and furious and sighed in relief that my son’s job called him off, which meant there was nowhere to go. Since I had earlier made ribs, sloppy Joe’s and a potato casserole, I also had nothing pressing to do; a rarity in my house, a rarity in my life. Just as the snow storm … [Read More...]

9 Years

Today, January 30th, marks nine years since my mom crossed over. I still remember receiving that early morning phone call to get to the hospital. I had just pulled into the driveway of my then job. I ran up three flights of stairs to tell my supervisor that I was needed at the hospital, only to run down the three flights and back to my car. The drive to the hospital was mostly a blur. I remember speeding down Michigan Avenue to Dearborn. I remember calling my boyfriend (now my husband) and … [Read More...]

New Moon Do

Feeling stuck? It's time to shake off the shoes you are wearing that has the gum stuck to the bottom! Tuesday, January 20th at 7:59 AM EST we are graced with an New Moon visiting the sign of Aquarius. You might instead feel like sticking your head under a blanket, but this moon is about taking conscious action.  It's okay to hope and wish, but you have to also DO! The week before this particular New Moon many were concerned over family’s health, lack of self-care stress, possible family member d … [Read More...]

Today I Feel Positively….

Words have a strong effect on us. Words that people say to us, words that we say to ourselves – they all have an impact on our life, both positively and negatively. In fact Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto, conducted an experiment on this same thing. Dr. Emoto poured pure water into vials labeled with negative phrases like "I hate you" or "fear” along with polluted water and added positive words like “love” and “peace” and froze them. After 24 hours, the water that had the negative words, put pur … [Read More...]


Every year at this time we are inundated with "Be a New You for the New Year" messages on television and radio. When the calendar switches to the new year life doesn't magically shift, only we can shift it. And it doesn't have happen at the beginning of a new year either, every day is a new beginning that offers us new opportunities, if we so choose.I have a tradition where on NYE I look back over my new moon wishes and my full moon soul work that I wrote out for the entire year. I look at … [Read More...]


Be Merry and Bright

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.” Elisabeth Kübler-RossGrady laid her head on the tiled white bathroom floor. She couldn’t feel the hardness of the ground, or the coldness of the tiles, all she felt was her heart aching. No, not just aching, splintered and electrified. With each thought, each physical movement, and every emotion, Grady felt som … [Read More...]


2014 Family Update

Happy Holidays! I know that it sounds so cliché, but I wish I knew where 2014 went! Typically Guinness, our “wouldn’t hurt a fly” Australian Shepherd writes the Christmas Letter, but this year he is busy chewing on the best tasting rawhide and laying on the most comfortable couch that heaven has. After 13 years of filling our hearts with happiness, Guinness crossed over. To be honest I almost didn’t send any Christmas cards or give any updates, but even through our sadness, life continues on and … [Read More...]


The Holiday Hustle

Ho Ho NO, Humbug! I sat on the hard wooden bench at my local mall watching the energy swirl around. My dad and husband were doing some Christmas shopping, and not wanting to be tempted to buy anything that wasn’t on my list, I took a break and sipped on a hot chocolate hoping to feel the holiday spirit. But even the Christmas music that was piped in didn’t seem to help with the holiday cheer and instead I heard parents screaming and kids crying. One lady rushed by with her young son, “Look, I’m n … [Read More...]


A Thankful Heart

Unkind words, and sometimes truthful words, can certainly hurt, but what hurts even more is hanging on to the words and that hurtful moment, as if they are ghosts of the past continually haunting you. By replaying it over and over, it becomes poison to your confidence, your self esteem and your soul and causes that grudge and a whole other array of emotion to play with your mind and your heart. It stops people from loving again, trying new things, and growing. Like a butterfly stuck in a mason … [Read More...]