This is an excerpt from Kristy Robinett’s newest book – Tails from the Afterlife – available for pre-sale, and out on March 8th. Gordie came up to me after a library event that I was speaking at. He was a bit shy and reserved, and I could tell it took a lot of courage for him to talk to me. I pulled him away from the crowd at the table to see if that helped, but as soon as I touched… Read more

We had another unspeakable school shooting yesterday. What should’ve been a day of love, turned into a day of fear. My heart hurts that kids can’t feel safe in what should be one of the safest places for them. My heart hurts to see the news reports. My heart hurts that 17 parents, and maybe more, won’t be tucking their child into bed tonight, or ever again. My heart hurts. School should be a safe place. So should your own… Read more

The last month has been filled with a lot of releasing of the past, and setting new intentions. This New Moon in Aquarius spotlights more of the same and tells you to stop the talk and start walking the walk. So if you’ve been emotional, and your path has felt lost or flooded over, it’s time to work on bailing yourself out instead of waiting for someone to help you out. This New Moon will take some action on your part…. Read more

“Do you believe a soulmate can be someone that you aren’t in love with in a romantic way?” The question was directed to me randomly by a cashier at a local retail store. “I do. I believe your parent, child, best friend, and even your pet can be a soulmate.” The cashier nodded thoughtfully as she put my purchased items in a bag. “I always had a close relationship with my mom,” she sighed. “She passed away several years ago… Read more

We all have intuition, but sometimes we don’t hear the whispers. During this NEW Moon phase ask your guides and angels what you need to know. Take a couple deep breaths, put your hand on your heart, and choose a card. Which card whispers to you? . . . If you chose #1 – Ask for Help – This card indicates that you need to be more willing to ask for guidance, especially within the context of your love life. For… Read more

I’m learning. If anything my forty-something years have taught me it is to step away from battles. It’s not an easy lesson (darn Scorpio in me), and sometimes I will still respond, then take a second to review, asking if it is truly helpful and held the highest of energies. After all, we all want to be right. Right? Not everyone is receptive to listening, though, and many simply want to spew and argue – none of which is actually helpful. Then… Read more

If you are feeling down or just off, you might want to smudge. Burning white sage helps to clear your space of all negativity and negative energies. Smudge sticks are used in traditional Native American ceremonies to purify people and places. There are similar ceremonies in many cultures where herbs are burned for cleansing. Smudging can be used to counteract depression, anger or bitterness, and it’s great to do when you are having some winter blues. Smudging with sage (I… Read more

Born a glass half full girl in a family of glass half empty wasn’t easy. I’d put my faith in people, and quickly forgive those who let me down in the hopes that it would be different. It never was. My mom would hug me as I shed a lot of tears of disappointment, but her advice was met with cynicism and harshness. “People suck, even the ones who pretend to be friends or who share your blood. Protect your… Read more

Unless you are 150 years old (and I’m going with none of my readers are), then you’ve never seen this January 31st moon. It’s being called super, blue, and blood, and this is all completely real. Super means that this moon will be closer to Earth in its orbit an 14% brighter than normal.  This is also the third “supermoon” in a trilogy of supermoons that began on Dec. 3, 2017. Blue doesn’t make it colored blue, but that it is the second… Read more

We all have intuition, but sometimes we don’t hear the whispers. During this Full Moon phase ask your guides and angels what you need to know. Take a couple deep breaths, put your hand on your heart, and choose a card.  . . Which card did you choose? If you chose Card #1 – Eternal Dance: “Movement, Wheel of Life, Path of least resistance.” “The Lady featured on this card feels completely at one with nature. She is in tune… Read more

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