New Moon: Cancer – Date/Time: Jul 12, 2018 at 10:47 pm ET When we are in the energy of the Cancer we often ‘feel’ everything. Cancer rules Motherhood and so you may feel very emotional during this time. If your mom has crossed over, there may be an aching to talk to her. Or if you are lucky to still have mom here, you may be urged to call or spend time with her. Note that this time does in… Read more

We all have intuition, but the buzz of the outside world can muffle it. Below are three blooms – which one do you feel urged to pick? Each flower reveals a message from your guides/angels to help you through this new moon energy. Which flower draws you in? . . If you chose #1 – SUNFLOWER – The sunflower stands tall in the garden and is often gifted to us by nature, dropped by birds  When the head of a… Read more

Last month my only son left for boot camp with the United States Army. When he enlisted into the Michigan National Guard I told him that I loved him, but I didn’t like his decision – it was his life, though and I would support him no matter. I think he took that honesty to mean that I didn’t want to be apart of his swearing in, because it was Facebook where I found his photos from his recruiter. “I… Read more

We all have intuition, but the buzz of the outside world can muffle it. Below are three doorways – which one do you feel urged to open? Each doorway reveals a message from your guides/angels to help you through this new month. Which doorway do you feel urged to open? . . . If you chose door #1 – OPEN YOURSELF UP TO YOUR DREAMS – You are protecting your heart right now. Your guides and angels know that your… Read more

Full Moon: June 28, 12:53 A.M Eastern  – Astrological Energy: Capricorn The Strawberry Moon helps to make a personal shift, bringing closure to the areas of your life you’ve been struggling with. This energy is all about shedding the old worries and insecurities and allowing yourself to be the butterfly and fly. That strength has to come from within, and not an outside source. This awakening started at the first of the year and now you should start to see… Read more

Summer Solstice and an upcoming FULL MOON brings the availability to find growth in your life. Take a deep breathe in and out. Don’t second guess yourself – just choose which key will reveal a message for you to work on during this upcoming full moon phase.   What key did you choose? . . If you chose Key #1 – A lot of things may be up in the air for you and you may be frustrated, tired of waiting…. Read more

One way of celebrating the Solstice is to consider it a sacred time of reflection, release, restoration, and renewal. Sarah Ban Breathnach As the sun allows the moon to take the night shift, it prepares itself for the celebration of Solstice on June 21st. This morning I asked my friends what their favorite summer memory was. Nobody said anything about sitting on the computer. Or playing games on their phone. Or worrying or stressing. Or arguing about politics. Or debating… Read more

Every New Moon is a fresh start, whether wanted, needed, or wished. Today we welcome in the New Moon at 3:45 PM ET in the sign of Gemini. Is there changes to make with how you speak to yourself? Thought patterns that drag you and your goals down? Review what you believe about yourself and go forward with the shift. You very well felt the dualistic energy a few days ahead of the New Moon. For the next couple days. Gemini,… Read more

One of my best friends, the kindest ladies, with the biggest hearts of all, unexpectedly took her journey to the other side yesterday. Some of you knew her as one of my first assistants and had spoken to her on the phone or by email. You’ve seen her mentioned many times in my books. Donna was one of my very first clients when I opened my private practice, and although you aren’t supposed to mix business with personal life, but… Read more

It was a late autumn day when we took the (what felt like a trip) to go see three husky puppies. Chuck and I had barely been dating, but we knew that we were a forever. I knew that he loved the Siberian Husky breed and I had a friend who had a relative that had three pups ready to come home, bred from blue ribbon parents. None of that mattered to us at all. We sat on the floor… Read more

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