Family Feud Not So Family Friendly Anymore

"Let's have some iced tea and chill in front of the television tonight," my husband suggested.I'd worked all day, afternoon and evening and I was feeling lousy - just another dog day of summer here in Michigan, so sitting in the cool family room with the idiot box on, not having to think, sounded like a plan.Chuck and I perused the television listings and decided on Celebrity Family Feud since I couldn't convince him to watch Sister Wives. The first half hour was Kellie Pickler, country … [Read More...]

Lies We Tell Ourselves

I woke up at 1 am from a sound sleep in a full blown panic attack. I couldn't breathe and I was having chest pains. My husband, who typically doesn't awaken for anything, sat up in the bed and asked if I was okay.  "Yes, I'm good. Go back to sleep," I told him, patting him on the arm.  The next morning he asked me again if I was okay and how I slept.  "Oh, I woke up with a crazy panic attack, but I'm okay," I replied and went to put the dishes in the dishwasher.  As I mindlessly completed my … [Read More...]

Summer Solstice Oracle Reading

Ready to receive a message from your Angels/Guides? We all have intuition, you just have to quiet your mind and trust the whispers.Ask for the message that you most need to see and choose a card (I've chosen a card from 4 different Oracle decks). Below is the meaning of each card. And your message is...     #1 - CHANGES - Change is hard and scary, but the changes you are experiencing right now will bring a p … [Read More...]

Sagittarius and Strawberry Moons

Maya Angelou said that “There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.” Monday's Sagittarius Full Moon tackles the truths and perceived truths in our lives, uncovering and releasing.Full Moons tend to make many feel emotional and sometimes weepy, and the June Full Moon, called the Rose Moon or Strawberry Moon, can make you feel as if it is time to pack up a suitcase and explore the unknown, both literally and figuratively. But knowing that you can’t escape … [Read More...]

Can We Find a Sense of Community Again?

Support from a community is an amazing feeling, especially when you are the one in midst of coping with stress, grief, and sadness. In 1987 when a toddler, Baby Jessica, fell into a well, millions were glued to their television sets sending out prayers and support to the parents and the rescuers, but something has changed and instead of support, we have shaming. When three year old Madeline McCann went missing from her hotel room while her family was on holiday, instead of support, prayers and … [Read More...]

Empathize and Sympathize, Not Criticize and Judge – Gorillas, Gators and Guns

It's been a rough week for Orlando, Florida with a crazed fan killing a pop singer and reality contestant Christina Grimmie to a crazed man killing fifty men and women as they enjoyed a night out with friends. So when I saw last night that there was a horrific accident at Disney World, I thought for sure I was mistaken. Disney? Disney is magic. Horrible things just don't happen at Disney, right? But they do and they did.During the movie night at around 9 p.m. at the Grand Floridian resort a  … [Read More...]

The Soul’s Journey in the Aftermath of the Orlando Massacre

In what is being called the worst terrorist attack since September 11th, early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida over fifty souls were murdered and many more injured, still clinging to life.  Where it happened is meaningless. Who did it is just as meaningless and how the murderer did it meaningless as well. The details seem to complicate the event. Scan through social media or turn on the news and you will likely see hate being spewed and blame pointed, and that is often exactly what fear does. … [Read More...]

June Higher Intuitions Oracle

 We all have the ability to tap into our intuition, higher self, and guides. Take a few deep breathes, put your hand on your heart and then look at the cards and choose 1 card that you are most drawn to for a message from your guides. Which card did you choose?...  If you chose #1 you chose OWL/WISDOM – If Owl has arrived in your reading, it symbolizes the wisdom that you have which spans your earthly years. Those you come into contact w … [Read More...]

Gemini New Moon: Your Own Worst Enemy

A New Moon, or Dark Moon, since you actually won’t see any moon, occurs once a month (sometimes two, but I don’t want to completely confuse you or force you to make more cupcakes than you have to). The New Moon is the darkest phase of the Moon, but it also marks the beginning of the two-week time frame when the Moon moves away from the Sun and increases in light, which it a great time to begin new projects, new love, new careers or anything else new you want to do (or are afraid to do)!  This New … [Read More...]

Queen of Regret

It was four in the morning on Memorial Day when I woke up to excruciating pain in my mouth and face. After taking a Motrin and using essential oils I tried to go back to sleep, but the constant pulsing made it next to impossible.“What’s wrong?” my husband asked, rousing from his own slumber.“I don’t know. A toothache I think,” I said trying not to cry at the throbbing in my mouth, ear and sinuses.Always on a holiday, I thought. We had plans to go for a drive by the water with friends … [Read More...]