Nightly Visitors

Nightly Visitors February 24, 2024

My nights are often filled with spirit visits who have messages, especially after events. My nightly visits are much like someone who might work through a drive through. You remember more than others, the conversations, the faces, and so on. Some just come by and don’t say a word. Some say their name. Some offer their life story. I wake up and write down as much as I possibly received from them. After sharing these, I often get emails asking for more information or for more validation. Unfortunately, all I have is all I have shared here.

Never stop talking to your loved ones on the other side. Keep asking for signs. Never doubt they are with you.

My most recent visitors:

  • Steve – looked to be in his 50s/60’s. Said he passed suddenly and pointed to his chest. He said he has a wife and two kids here. He loved hunting and the outdoors.
  • Lorraine – Just recently passed away and said she was in her young 80’s (and she winked at me with that). She reminded me of Betty White with her spunk and sweetness. She said that even in her old age, she went to college and tried to assert to her children that education, not always schooling, but learning was important. Always learn, she said.
  • Susan – She showed me a stethoscope (which is my sign she worked in the medical field of some sort). She showed me sitting on a bench with a bunch of dogs with her and said Todd was with her. She loved her family more than anything. She loved golf and traveling. She always had a smile for everyone, no matter what the mood.
  • Anthony (Tony) –He said he passed away from cancer. He said his wife had moved from the family home and was okay with it, but there was still a lot of his stuff that was moved with her. I know you made a blanket from my clothes, though, he said.
  • I didn’t get her name, but she said she was a school bus driver for most all her life and that “all of her kids” were special to her.
  • David – He said he had cancer and pointed to his abdomen. He fought hard, he told me, and hated that he lost the battle. He wanted to apologize to his wife and kids for being extra snippy before he passed away. He said he was afraid. Not of death, but he was afraid of leaving everyone and felt bad he left everyone with grief. He hoped that the memories were met with happiness and not marred with the last year of struggles.
  • Deanna – She grew up in Detroit and loved her childhood (mostly). She was married and had several children, but she loved being a grandma. She said she had an autoimmune disease (so, MS or Lupus). Her heaven was sitting by the water and watching over her family, and she was holding a rosary.
  • Thomas – He said he passed away from pancreatic cancer and it hadn’t yet been a year since he was gone. He had many siblings with him on the other side. He sent his love to his wife, kids, and grandkids. He loved being a papa he told me.
  • Michael – he passed suddenly. He looked like he was in his late 50’s – early 60’s (maybe). Something connected to the 4th of July.
  • I didn’t get her name, but she kept saying she collected and loved flamingos.
  • Julie (Julia) – she said she was killed and her murder has been unsolved and has torn up her family. She said everyone keeps looking in the wrong place, to the wrong people. She did say she was with her sister, walking along side her in this lifetime and was worried about her grandmother who wasn’t well.
  • Ruth – she was a light of positivity. She said she had kidney disease. She loved sewing and crocheting/knitting. She showed me a lot of her family had her doilies.
  • Ruth (another one) – She said she was trying to make it to 100. She lived a large life without any regrets.
  • Joanne – Everyone in her family had a J name, she told me. Even her husband. She showed me butterflies as a sign that she was around her kids. She said she passed away peacefully.
  • Chris – He said he had a hard life, made it harder for his family and he was sorry how he ended it, making his family suffer. He kept assuring me he was better now. He was okay.
  • Nick – He came with Chris, although I don’t believe they knew one another in this lifetime, they followed a similar path in life and in death. He showed me so much love he had for his family and kept saying – tell mom how much I love her.
  • David – known for his warm smile and unwavering love for his family. He loved creating lasting memories with his wife and their two children. In his mid-40s, David was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Despite the devastating news, he faced his illness with courage and determination, determined to make the most of the time he had left. Throughout his battle with cancer, he continued to be a pillar of strength for his family, offering support and love even as he underwent challenging treatments. He said he comes through with flickering lights and a soft touch on the shoulder.
  • I couldn’t make out her name, but she said she passed in surgery or right out of surgery that was supposed to be something very routine. She was okay on the other side and showed her with her mom and dad, but she was very upset that her kids were left with so many questions (and possibly a lawsuit).
  • Barbara – a gentle soul with a quiet strength that resonated in everything she did. Born and raised in a close-knit community, she built her life around family and simplicity. Barbara was a devoted mother who found solace among the books that filled her quiet, cozy home. Barbara was diagnosed with a chronic illness that required ongoing medical attention. Despite the challenges she faced, she chose to keep the details of her health struggles private. Barbara didn’t want to burden her loved ones, especially her children, with worries about her well-being. Instead, she carried the weight of her illness with quiet grace, facing each day with a determination to maintain a sense of normalcy for her family.
  • Bernice – She lived a vibrant life filled with laughter, adventure, and a circle of diverse friends. Born with a free spirit, she dedicated her time to building connections and fostering deep relationships. Bernice was a surrogate mother, confidante, and source of inspiration to many of her family, neighbors, and friends. She pointed to her lungs and said she can finally breathe again – literally and figuratively.
  • Eugene – He had a skeptical, engineering mind. He had been in the armed services and said he knew some German (so maybe served in Germany or his parents were German). He showed me roses as being important.
  • Fred – He said he had Alzheimer’s/Dementia for several years and was so grateful for the continued love and care he was given. But he was so grateful to be out of that situation and on the other side now. He showed me a family crest (like something you’d see from Ireland/Scotland, etc). He wishes he’d talked more about his family and ancestry. It wasn’t an easy life, he said, and he didn’t want anyone to feel sad for him.
  • Elizabeth – Born into a family that valued determination, Elizabeth carried a stubborn streak that, while sometimes challenging, endeared her to those who knew her well. She was a storyteller and loved genealogy. Elizabeth’s stubbornness manifested in her refusal to let health issues slow her down. Over the years, she faced a series of health challenges, including heart problems and arthritis.
  • Donald – He said he passed from COVID. Known for his warm smile and affable nature, Donald had a wide circle of friends. People he didn’t even know, knew who he was. He was a family man, devoted. He loved family gatherings, barbecues, and holiday celebrations. He picked up a guitar and started strumming it and said he played it when he was a kid (so maybe someone has his guitar?).
  • Patricia – she loved ice cream, even though she knew it was bad for her. And she worked in the medical field to boot. She loved living in a time when the get home now was when the streetlights turned on. And she was a stickler for making sure a thank you card was sent to everyone for just about everything. She loved playing card games and was a fierce opponent. She passed during COVID and she knew that it was hard on the family to not give her a memorial service, but it was okay.
  • Leo – He loved life’s simple joys. He delighted in quiet evenings with his wife (who he was now with), enjoying the warmth of their long-lasting companionship. Leo took pleasure in watching his family grow and succeed, finding fulfillment in their achievements and milestones. Leo’s health gradually declined due to the natural effects of aging, he was well taken care of and supported by the love and care of his family. His children and grandchildren made sure to spend quality time with him, listening to his stories, and seeking advice. He showed me a grandfather clock – so someone has his clock/watch, but it is also a sign that time goes by so fast and to treasure it.
  • Margaret and Harold – They came together as husband and wife and said they passed soon after one another as well. It was that kind of love they had. Although Margaret said that Harold wouldn’t know how to do anything because she did everything. And then laughed.

Others that popped through without a message and just a hi, I’m here.

  • Trudy
  • Alonzo (or Lorenzo?)
  • Chase
  • Mel
  • Brian
  • Laura
  • Marjorie

I believe in you,

Kristy Robinett

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