Soul Searching in the Light of the Full Moon

Soul Searching in the Light of the Full Moon March 18, 2022

In the early morning of Friday, March 18th we welcome a FULL MOON in Virgo. This energy is set to be even more emotional than typical full moons and you may spend the next couple days wondering what is truly meaningful in your life – people, things, and even ideas. You’ve had a “thorn” in your foot for so long you’ve gotten used to it; but it doesn’t mean that it’s healthy. You deserve to have a nourished and fulfilled soul. This energy helps you with all the awareness of that.

If you are looking for a job or wondering if you should start applying – THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO DO THAT.

If you’ve decided that you’d like to find love – THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO DO THAT.

If you’ve decided to write a book, begin a project, finish a project, ask for a raise, network, begin a health journey, re-organize your home, book a vacation, or do something out of your comfort zone or something you’ve been delaying – THIS IS YOUR SIGN TO DO THAT.

Some good affirmations for this time are:

  • “Happiness is my choice.”
  • “My thoughts are filled with positivity.”
  • “Creativity surges through me.”
  • “I let go of worry.”
  • “I take chances that pay off.”

It is now the time for you to put your crystals and tarot/oracle cards out to charge in the moon’s light that we will see through Saturday. This is a time of deep soul searching. The path might get dark the next couple days but stay in the light.


I have used my unique gift of psychic mediumship since childhood. Whether it is to connect those that have lost loved ones or to assist in getting your life back on track, I’m here to help with direction, in nothing but a positive light. My ability to use several of my gifts helps me give variance to my clients.

Becoming comfortable with my gift has taken an awful long time and still when I speak with someone who doesn’t know “what” I am, I begin – “Now, I am perfectly sane, but….I see ghosts….” I am not different than you. Everybody has the ability to “see”, you just have to open yourself to it.

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