Book Review: The Dead Romantics

Book Review: The Dead Romantics February 19, 2024

This ghostly narrative exudes charm and poignancy, blending elements of romance with paranormal mystery. Centered around a ghostly protagonist, the story naturally unfolds with tension. I’m not an avid reader of romance novels, so I initially hesitated to pick this one up, but found myself engrossed in a sweet and swoon-worthy love story intricately woven into a narrative that delves into the complexities of grief and loss. Filled with bleak moments and hopeful ones adds depth, and the abundance of ghost puns throughout the text adds a playful touch that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing as what I do for a living (I’m a psychic medium and also see dead people).

ABOUT the book:

The story revolves around Florence, a ghostwriter for a famous romance author, who, after the failure of her own debut novel, found success behind the scenes. However, a year after her own love life took a hit, Florence faces a tight deadline to craft a happily ever after, a task she finds challenging in her emotionally fraught state. The sudden death of her father further complicates matters. Enter Ben, her new editor, a sexy and stern ghost who appears on the doorstep of the funeral home. Uncertain of their connection, Florence wonders if she is meant to help Ben find peace or if he is here to assist her in concluding her novel amidst the backdrop of processing her father’s death. As Florence and Ben, two near-strangers, spend time together, they begin to regret not forging a closer connection before Ben’s journey to the other side.

I found myself laughing and crying. It was unique and a quick read.



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