I Thought We Were On A Break

I Thought We Were On A Break February 13, 2024

How has your 2024 been so far? No, really?

For me, I’ve been deep in introspection, feeling as I’ve fallen out of love with myself. I’ve been grappling with a sense of not measuring up to my desired potential. The realization that I should have more of my projects out in the world has left me feeling somewhat left behind. Nobody is putting any pressure on me but me. The relentless passage of time adds to the pressure, prompting me to prioritize more face-to-face moments with friends and family. Time is unforgiving, and in this lifetime, there’s a finite number of sunrises, sunsets, family dinners, vacations, holidays, and birthdays. I’ve been contemplating how many genuine interactions and meaningful memories might be slipping away due to excessive scrolling on phones.

The other day, a conversation with a client about the distractions of social media triggered a deep pondering on how to make a shift to align with my passions and shake off the feeling of falling behind. It’s all too easy to lose hours scrolling through the latest internet trends, learning about recipes (that I honestly will likely never make), vacation spots (I will likely never take), and books (when I have a dozen still to read on my nightstand). I questioned whether these moments of so-called learning are truly enriching to me compared to achieving personal goals and the mental health toll that comes with not attaining them.

And I heard myself honestly answer.

I’ve decided to minimize (not eliminate – I don’t do cold-turkey change well) my social media presence for Lent (begins February 14th). Not that I need an excuse, but Lent sounded like a good starting point – a six-week break aims to minimize distractions and provide a focused period to pursue my aspirations. This hiatus is an intentional step towards reconnecting with what truly matters – me. Along with real conversations, tangible experiences, and personal growth.

This conscious decision to step back marks a deliberate and hopeful stride toward a more balanced and enriched life. It’s not about escaping reality but rather about creating a healthier relationship with technology. The constant scroll often means an unhealthy comparison game – it can all take a toll.

With the Year of the Dragon upon us, we are reminded to channel inner strength and power. We are asked to inherit the dragon’s characteristics, which include being ambition, passion, and courage. The dragon reminds us that quitting what isn’t healthy for you is an act of self-love and empowerment.

Not everyone needs to limit their social media or technology presence, or can, but we can all find moments of self-love and empowerment. I wish you that and more. I wish you much love today and going forth.

I believe in you,

Kristy Robinett

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