October Energy Scopes

October Energy Scopes September 30, 2013

As October arrives, so does many changes for all of the Zodiac signs. We welcome the New Moon on October 4th, the Full Moon on October 17th and then the final Mercury Retrograde of the year graces us on October 21st. Normally I offer scary warnings with Mercury Retrograde, and although I do see some government conflict and some weather issues, from a personal stand point I think that this Retrograde will have most of all of us calling the bluff to those we know have been lying to us (government, corporations, individuals, etc) and find a sense of renewal while doing it.

Many will find new contracts, new jobs, new love and more opportunities – while others will have to be patient. No matter what your Scope says, know that you have free will to manifest whatever you want, and also do the opposite by manifesting that which you don’t. Look for where you planted seeds and start to harvest them.


Aries – March 21 – April 19

The first two weeks of October you may start to doubt your love life, Aries, or doubt that it will ever be up to par for you. Insecurities from the past seem to keep creeping up and your typical very pragmatic self will be replaced by doubt. Hold tight, because not all that you feel will be true. You could be sleep-deprived, not feeling great health-wise, or over-worked, and your intuitive side is off on a vacation. Be careful with over-overanalyzing and nitpicking at every little thing.

Even though Mercury Retrograde creeps in at the end of October, it seems to be paying you favors. Your love life becomes clearer and your practical decisive self is returned. Deep breathes, Aries!

The end of October brings word of a job promotion or a new job opportunity and it is right up your alley too. Normally I advise against making any huge job changes during Mercury Retrograde, but this seems to slide right under Mercury Retrograde’s radar – so take it!

Leave the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde costume for Halloween and be careful to not embrace the persona the first half of the month.


Taurus – April 20 – May 20

Just as romance seemed to be on the upswing, October happens and you begin to doubt everything within your life, including your relationships. October seems to bring out your moodiness and all you want to do is sulk, which results in lack of communication, which hurts the relationship. It’s a vicious cycle unless you do something different this time, Taurus.

If you are in a relationship, it is important that you take off all your masks and allow yourself to be your own true self. And if you don’t know who that is, it’s a good time to explain and communicate to those who love you that you need some time and space instead of pointing fingers and blaming everyone around you for not being the way you want them to be. Who are you to judge? You don’t always have to have all the answers or make the answers up so it seems you do. This will only result in bitterness to creep in and dislodge the love from the relationship. And that is scarier than any Halloween costume in the stores.

If you aren’t in a relationship, this month is more about looking at what you want, don’t want, or if you want at all. Communication is the key in October, not just with everyone else, but with yourself too.

The lack of communication is consistent with your professional life too. Although I realize that it isn’t possible to take a month long vacation, if you can lay low until the middle of November, or at least the best you can, the better things will be.

With all this anxiety and inner anger, be extra cautious with health issues and seek help from a health professional if need be.


Gemini – May 21 – June 20

October sets you on fire, Gemini! Venus, the planet of love, will be in your house of couples, while the Sun is in Gemini’s house of passion and sexuality and with the New Moon happening on October 5th, whether you are in a relationship or hoping to be in one – love is definitely in the air. If hoping to meet your soulmate, this month proves to be magical if you allow yourself to get out there and keep an open mind. Who knows? Maybe that person dressed in the gorilla suit is actually your Prince (or Princess) Charming?

October has your mind on sex and love, and not at all about business and career, which could hurt you, Gemini. Your lack of attention to detail this month could get you into hot water with your managers/supervisors, so you will have to spend some conscious time dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s so as not to find yourself in the unemployment line right before Christmas. If you can do that, Gem, you should come out smelling like roses (that was probably a gift from your lover).

Before the middle of November, you will find that you will have several decisions to make, Gemini, and they seem to revolve around every aspect of your life. Although I want you to enjoy this time of being sought after in your love life, be careful that you don’t complicate it by having more than one. And with work, if you are applying for another job, be careful who you tell. I just have this anxious feeling that although everything seems great in October, November you deal with the avalanche that you created. Be cautious (not anxious) and make good and sound decisions.


Cancer – June 21 – July 22

The October 4ths New Moon has an incredible hold on the foundation of who you are and what you want for the rest of the year. You may find that everybody wants a piece of you, Cancer. However, this month is not about being a martyr and allowing everybody else to distract you, instead this month is about FOCUS and building your life and taking steps towards your dreams and aspirations. Networking is key, Cancer. You might sign up for school or classes, talk to those within the career you want to go in, or step higher into or just take the plunge and put your resume out there.

This month is about getting prepared. Fix your home office, paint the house, get your Christmas gifts purchased now because the next couple months are going to be busy, but they will be busy good with regards to career and finances, even if just seeds that you are planting – they will bloom as long as you are planting them.

Love and friend relationships take a bit of a backseat this month, Cancer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun, just make sure to keep some boundaries and you are spending time with those you want to and not sacrificing yourself for just anybody.

You may find that someone from your past comes forward – this could be a friend or a past relationship. This could be an intense time and an intense decision to make. Make sure that their reasoning in coming back is sincere and not just a test to see if you are truly focusing on what really matters most to you. Is the value of this relationship honest and sincere? Don’t allow someone to trick you instead of treat you.


Leo – July 23 – August 22

On October 7th the planet Venus, the planet of love, enters Leo’s house of love and pleasures, where it’ll stay until November 5th. The Libra New Moon on October 4th helps to make things magical for you, Leo, along with a sense of harmony and happiness. And although this is a great, you may find that you are being thrown curve balls along the way and it is coming from both within and around. This month has you second guessing yourself and/or someone tells you something absolutely wonderful but you start to second guess them too. To help relax your mind and calm your spirit, take some time to work out, take a yoga class, or get a massage.

You are also a very creative person. Although very private, this could be a great time to pull out the old journal and start writing yourself letters, Leo. This is about you, not another. Or maybe finish that artistic project that you started a year plus ago. Or take an online painting class.

Love is certainly going to be bright and beautiful, so if you aren’t in a relationship, go to every social function you can get your hands on because you will shine like the sun, Leo. If in a relationship, there is promised of a rekindled romance if you allow the grudges to be washed away.

Work and school look to be the most stressful as your concentration is lacking. It looks that by mid-month a large project will come your way and you will bore with it quickly. Stay focused, Leo, and just do it! It’s like swallowing bad medicine; the quicker you do it the sooner the bad taste goes away. The sooner, the better to allow yourself more fun time – so don’t delay on any projects.


Virgo – August 23 – September 22

With regards to love, Virgo, you may you feel as if it your time to sit back and chill as Jupiter, Virgo’s house of couples, visits until July 2014. For the last five years or so Virgos have had a lot of insecurities with regards to love and there have been ups and down. Those in turbulent relationships may find that they may file divorce papers (or be served divorce papers) by next July. And although I always say to be careful from going from one hot frying pan to the next, the timing of this could end up being quite positive as the next frying pan might be the best frying pan.

There may be talk of a romantic trip and again, I caution that if there have been problems in the relationship that you talk it through and possibly seek out a counselor, as one trip won’t solve years of issues. Those that are in healthy relationships, however, could find themselves planning a tropical vacation for mid-winter.

Just as mentioned in many of the other scopes, communication is key this month with all relationships. If there are secrets of any kind being kept, it’s time to come clean as this will wear on you this month and possibly play into anxieties and physical health issues.

Work will be quite intense for you this month, Virgo. You will be pulled in many different directions and will feel the stress from it. The key to surviving and coming out on top is taking your time with decision making, with being cautious and looking at all aspects of the project and the people and taking time with trust yourself and your own intuition.


Libra – September 23 – October 22

Happy Birthday month, Libra! And with the New Moon in your sign on October 4th, you will feel on top of the world, but by mid-month when the party balloons have deflated, the cake all eaten and your spotlight turned off, you may find that you feel left out and forgotten. Remember that you have to create your life, Libra. Make another birthday cake, turn the spotlight on and blow up more balloons. Manifesting what you want out of your life and know that you create it instead of waiting for the party bus to come, call the party bus! This goes for love and for work too, Libra. There are times when you get way too cynical over a situation and cannot see through it until someone pulls through it.

There are karmic lessons that you will be showered with this month that will teach you that you have to start to be assertive and in control. Sarcasm and cynicism rarely helps in any situation, so be careful of your mood and your mouth this month, Libra. Not everybody likes a smart ass. Watch what you say before you say it. If it is something you don’t want to hear, it’s probably not something you should say.

There may be some financial issues this month, especially end of month. So be extra careful budgeting and balancing your bank statements. Also, this isn’t the month to take financial risks whether in the stock market or accepting a new job.


Scorpio – October 22 – November 22

The month of October is all yours, Scorpio, and you will be in the right place at the right time. This will continue to be your theme through November despite Mercury Retrograde, which will actually benefit you!

You may have seen opportunities come up, made you excited, but then dropped off the planet never more to hear from or return. Well, October through November, there will be so many blessings that are serendipitously dropped in your lap. Many will call you lucky, but you know the truth and all the hard work you’ve been doing behind the scenes. It is okay for you to own your power, Scorpio. All your wishes, dreams and fortunes that you’ve been working on manifesting will be showered upon you, so continue to have faith and continue to manifest. Opportunities for those in creative fields will be even more spotlighted.

Although you will be crazy busy, those with partners will find that they will be patient and understanding – as long as you spend some time with them – so make sure to spend some down time through the chaos.

Those not in a relationship will find that you are adorable to many, so there could be a cast of characters lined up wanting some of your attention. Trust your intuition, though, Scorpio, as it will be even keener this month than ever before!


Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21

This is a take-charge month for you, Sagittarius and answers to your “What do I want to be when I grow up, and who do I want to be with through this?” questions will begin to make sense. It won’t necessarily be formed, but the glimpses into the how, why, when and where will begin to make more sense. Be careful to not get depressed because those answers may be different than how you saw things say ten years ago. You’ve grown and evolved, Sag.

You might find that the work you are doing isn’t satisfying and you decide to get a higher degree. Or that the work all together isn’t exactly what you want and look towards an entrepreneurship opportunity. Or you may be able to retire and decide to do that early in exchange for doing something altogether different than you were doing in your 8-5 day. It might be scary, but it will be fulfilling including in the financial sector.

The remainder of this year is looking at what you want and who you want in your life and not feeling selfish about it. Where are you putting your energy, Sag? If it is in relationships that are toxic, is it really truly helping you? Before the year’s end you will see many out with the old, and in with the new – maybe not physically, but boundaries will be set and new growth began


Capricorn – December 22 – January 19

The month is filled with pressure for you, Capricorn, both from yourself and from those around you – especially those in the workplace. You will feel as if your supervisor is unfairly treating you or giving you more work and larger projects than others around you – and you are very right. This time is about testing how you handle pressure in order to move you up and beyond. This is temporary, just remember that.

Love life is also a bit testy, Cap. Nostalgic feelings, depression and sadness seem to be the theme. Even if you are in a relationship, you may not be able to get a past relationship out of your mind. You may run into a past lover or the time of year might be bringing up a past memory. Rose colored glasses, Capricorn. If everything was perfect it wouldn’t be in the past.

This month it is important to not set too high of goals where you already know you will disappoint yourself and others. If you can keep your feet on the ground and your aspirations realistic this month then you will come out just fine.

Spend some time by yourself. Go for a walk and enjoy the season. Buy a good book and sit in the coffee shop with a pumpkin latte and read. Next month will open up to bigger and better for you. Remember life is like a wheel, it just keeps on rolling.


Aquarius – January 20 – February 18

October is about expanding and doing new things. So shrug off the blanket you have had over your head and explore! This could feel uncomfortable, but growth can only take place if you allow for it. You have dreams, Aquarius; well it’s time to work on the manifestations. You may have recently switched jobs and now aren’t so sure that you know what you want to do, but know it isn’t going back or staying. Well, this is the time for some self-exploration.

October is about closure for you. You’ve never liked confrontation and can be passive, but you are being urged to shrug off the last few years so that you can move forward. This could simply be clearing up your Facebook Friends, removing phone numbers of past lovers or so-called friends, cleaning your closet and in return making new connections.

If not in a relationship, this is very important as you need to make room in your life for the new. What worked before (or you thought worked before) isn’t where the future is. Those in relationships, this will help you adjust to the connection that you have and secure it to be stronger.

There could be an engagement for some or at least talk of further commitment for those in relationships and those waiting patiently for a baby could also find a pregnancy announcement before year’s end. Now baby also means growth, so don’t freak out! If you are taking precautions this doesn’t mean you will be welcoming a new bundle of joy next summer, but that by next summer all that you are doing now will pay off by next summer.


Pisces – February 19 – March 20

October is all about partnerships and relationships. You don’t always play well with others, Pisces, and that is mostly because you see through everyone’s bull and won’t pretend just for the sake of pretending. And you believe everyone should be and think just like you, which get you into trouble with love relationships, bosses, peers, children, parents….. just to name a few. This month is no exception and Mercury Retrograde seems to spotlight even more of the bull and you sitting back and saying ‘I told you so’ to your family, friends and coworkers. Just be careful, Pisces. Because you may feel even more brazen to point out other’s faults, this could land you in hot water in your love relationships, friendship and workplace. And this will more than likely make you sulk.

The good news is that the second half of the month you ease up on yourself and on others and with the more relaxed energy, you find opportunities, especially with regards to career. You could find yourself with a job offer with a nice sum of money attached to it. The downfall? You have to play well with others.

Your love life will also get better by end of month when you will feel more romantic and secure, especially if in a current relationship. For whatever reason (maybe you go on a vacation or just take a long weekend), you will feel less stressed and more forgiving to others. Those not in a relationship, well people will find you irresistible so there will be no lack of dates for you, Pisces. Just choose wisely.

Not only do you want happiness, but you are stability in all factors of your life. You worry about money often, especially those March Pisces, so make certain that the partner that you choose is emotionally secure as well as financially secure so not to feed into your own insecurities. The same goes for the job that you accept – make certain to investigate the background of the corporation to see how well they are standing. Remember, you are good at seeing through the bull! Use it to your advantage!

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