April’s Pink Moon

April’s Pink Moon April 15, 2014

Happy Full Moon! On Tuesday, April 15th at 3:42 we entered into the FULL MOON in the sign of Libra, and the Lunar Eclipse. Weather will continue to be unpredictable as this moon makes us feel off kilter and out of control with life. Full Moons are mirrors to our souls and this moon is about wanting peace, love and harmony in all aspect of our life and yet feeling like we are on a teeter-totter. Look at the things that are causing this and look at ways you can correct this. If you wrote down New Moon wishes, you might want to get that out and see if you are self-sabotaging yourself and didn’t even know it. Full moons are all about endings. You might see an ending of a job or of a relationship/friendship. But once again, with endings come new beginnings. Say with the ending of a job, it could also mean a promotion, not exactly the unemployment line. There will more than likely be difficult weather patterns, issues with other countries and huge headlines. Oddly enough, though, you won’t want to create drama even though it will circle around you. As the moon is in Libra, you will crave justice in situations gone wrong and not everybody will see eye to eye. Libra often holds grudges and keeps it contained. Past issues become present issues but it might be called something new.

Full Moons act as a mirror to your soul. It is as if all the emotional junk that you thought you buried in the attic and the basement and thrown in your emotional trunk  has resurfaced. Those that have already done the emotional work, will find Full Moons easy and comfortable. But those still hiding from themselves and their past, might feel emotional and sad.

Full Moons, with Lunar Eclipses, are thought to bring about crazy weather patterns three days beforehand and three days afterwards  and are often affected by the moon signs, full and new. You can expect that emotions and moods will swing like a pendulum, quicker and harder, and be more raw than normal – both good and bad.

Sometimes you aren’t even aware that there is still sludge leftover from the past until a Full Moon arises and makes you look. Maybe you were avoiding on purpose or maybe you became so used to avoiding, no matter, this is a wonderful time for you to clean out the emotional soul clutter and de-junk.

This is a great time for you to look over your New Moon wishes and re-affirm what you want, and throw away what you don’t!

The Pink Moon or Blood Moon is a romantic time. If you are in a relationship, you will want to snuggle up with your partner, even if there have been disagreements or issues. If not in a relationship (and wanting one), there is a good window of opportunity for this whole month. Just remember to be careful for what you wish for.


  • Write on a piece of a paper all the things that you want OUT of our your life.
  • Take that piece of paper and burn it (or rip it up), requesting the elimination of it.
  • Feel and see what you don’t want in your life leaving with the smoke (or with each rip).
  • Then request what you want to replace it.
  • Thank the moon/God/angels/Goddess, etc.


  • If you are looking at eliminating debt from your life, you can be generic and write DEBT or CITIBANK CREDIT CARD.
  • Burn that piece of paper (or rip it up).
  • Then request wealth or extra income to come into your life.
  • Thank the moon/God/angels, Goddess, etc.
  • You can do this with anything – love, job, health, etc.

This is a great time to put your crystals out overnight to re-program them.

This moon is great for working on relationships, or ending relationships – whatever will bring the most balance to your life.


Kristy Robinett is a professional psychic medium and author who began speaking with spirits at the age of three. After working in corporate life for several years, she opened her business twenty minutes from Detroit and is now an acclaimed Psychic Medium, Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Detective, donating her time assisting law enforcement agencies.  She also performs psychic home inspections for home buyers, haunted house investigations, lecturer at special events, and owner of Haunted Hideaways where she gives participants an up close and paranormal experience, and is the confidante and psychic for many celebrities.

To make an appointment visit her at www.kristyrobinett.com.


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