A Lottery Winning Psychic

A Lottery Winning Psychic July 7, 2015

One of the most common questions that I get when I do a television or radio interviews is, why hasn’t any psychics won the lottery? I typically reply back with a ‘yet’.  Just because you are psychic or have the gift of communicating with the Other Side doesn’t mean that you are all knowing. I’m not sure the all-knowing part would be a gift anyhow.

I can, however, explain why I haven’t won the lottery. I don’t believe I will. I don’t have the mindset that I will win the lottery. That, and to the dismay of my husband, I am awful with numbers. In fact the last time I bought a ticket I chose the numbers and the end result was I was one number off of the winning numbers – every single one of them. Close doesn’t count.

Over ten years ago I went to Las Vegas for a convention and I decided ahead of time that I wouldn’t gamble more than $100 and that I would at least triple that to help pay for my plane ticket cost. I had never been to a casino before and after checking in, before going up to my room, I put a $1 in a $1 slot machine (I didn’t realize there were penny slots and $1 was high!) and first pull I didn’t just triple my intention, I won enough to pay for my trip, pay off all of my credit cards,  and received free plane tickets for another trip. I didn’t put another $1 in a slot machine that trip, probably to the dismay of the casinos, but I did move on to blackjack where I  came back with a pocket full of money. I was pretty good at using my intuition to ‘see’ who had what cards, but also realizing that if the dealer had something higher, my psychic abilities couldn’t change that.

As of recent the casinos have been 90% good to me. The 10% is because I don’t allow my intuition to be turned high (this happens especially with a lot of people around me). It works most when I trusted the gut instincts and put out the intentions that I am a winner, but left the expectations as to what entails winning behind. I celebrate the small wins as much as the larger wins. And I always pay it forward when I do win, no matter the amount.

So you want to win the lottery or come into unexpected money? Is it really possible that Law of Attraction, the law that states that we can attract anything we went, can help? The short answer is yes, but you have to consciously utilize it properly. Now understand that I am not a fan of using the dream of winning the lottery or winnings a progressive jackpot from a slot machine as your future financial strategy. Instead, I am a believer in manifesting wealth in any way possible that is legal. And I’m not afraid of good old fashioned hard work!

The first thing you need to do about manifesting wealth is to figure out your relationship with money. If you believe that you will always struggle, you just wrote that check and a zero amount check. If you believe that you are destined to have financial freedom, you just wrote that check and are just waiting for the right time. So you want to be a winner? Homework time!

BELIEFS – Write down your beliefs that you have about money. Do you believe it is the root of all evil? Or that you can actually help people with it?

HOW MUCH – Then write down everything you want in life and how much money that will cost to get you to that point. Make sure that is actually what you want.

EFFECTS – Look at the effects that it might have on your life, your relationships (i.e. moving to Hawaii will take you away from your aging parents, etc) and if it is really what you want.

CREATE A VISION – Then create a vision board and put it everywhere – your refrigerator, by your work station, in your car, etc.

IMPRINT – Make an imprint of your financial status so that it can’t be ignored. Years ago a very successful business man told me to always keep a $100 bill in my wallet. Always. He said that whenever you open your wallet and see that $100 that you feel secure in knowing that you have all that money in your wallet. There were times I could only do it with a $20, but I did it. And he was right. He also told me to change all of my passwords so that I was typing what I wanted my net worth to be, or what I wanted my job title to be. Keep an imprint of it.

TAKE ACTION – You have the buy the ticket to win. You have to go to the casino to win. You have to fill out the Publisher’s Clearing House information and send it in? You have to take the chance, right? Believe me when I say that this is the step most don’t do, as if it will miraculously happen.

GRATITUDE – With every win, every penny found, every raise at work, etc – express gratitude. By discarding even small wins you rip up all your work.

DETACH – Have you ever wanted something so bad that you couldn’t stop thinking about it and then it didn’t happen and you were so depressed? You didn’t detach. You need to detach. Keep the vision and excitement alive, but keep the frustration away, such as the timing. If you buy a ticket after following these instructions and you don’t win – do you give up or do you try again? If you give up, you didn’t detach.

LET IT GO – Let the Universe (God, Goddess, Angels, your loved ones on the Other Side, etc) deal with it.

One of the most famous Law of Attraction stories is from actor Jim Carey. In 1992 he wrote himself a $10 million dollar check. He was struggling to pay his bills and nobody at the time knew him. But he wrote himself that check and he imprinted it in his life. He knew that he was worth that, plus some.  In 1995 he received twice that amount when he made Dumb & Dumber. Three years later. He didn’t give up hope and kept the thoughts vibrational high (he talks about it here and here).

So do you believe that you are a winner? Do you believe that you can win the lottery? Are you creating conscious intention? If you can see it, believe it then you can achieve it.

Light and Luck,

Kristy Robinett

Kristy Robinett is a professional psychic medium and author who began speaking with spirits at the age of three. After working in corporate life for several years, she opened her business twenty minutes from Detroit and is now an acclaimed Psychic Medium, Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Detective, donating her time assisting law enforcement agencies. She also performs psychic home inspections for home buyers, haunted house investigations, lecturer at special events, and owner of Haunted Hideaways where she gives participants an up close and paranormal experience, and is the confidante and psychic for many celebrities. To make an appointment visit her at www.kristyrobinett.com.

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