August’s Full Moon

August’s Full Moon August 18, 2016

Happy Full Moon! Ttrustnothingoday’s moon (and energy) visits the sign of Aquarius and is extra potent to help you eliminate that which isn’t serving you well in your life to help usher in some newness. This is the best time to write out what and who you are upset with and burn or rip it up. Release, cry, stomp up and down – but get it out. Then affirm what you DO want or want from others and water, fertilize and care for that. With the moon being in the sign of AQUARIUS you will more than likely want to feel free; free from relationships that aren’t working, friendships that are stifled and situations that are making you feel uncomfortable. Over the next couple of days you may feel as if someone or some situation has been strangling you. It’s time to take a stance. Full Moons create loads of emotions, so just know that patience with yourself and with others may be needed.

Believe –



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