Spring Oracle

Spring Oracle March 20, 2017

Everyone has intuition. And we are always receiving messages from our loved ones, our angels and our guides but real world stuff often fogs it. On this first day of spring, ask your guides what you should work on in the next few weeks and then choose 1 card.



Which card are you drawn to?

Your message is below.



2oracleIf you chose #1 you chose – Notice the Signs. There have been signs all around you letting you know that you are being guided. It could be an angel, a guide or even a loved one on the Other Side. It might be that you have been looking at the clock the same time each day, a penny that you find on the ground, a feeling that someone is around you, a dream that you have had, etc.

The signs are not a warning, but as a means of support for what is yet to come in your life.

“The angels gave you this card to help you understand the signs you’ve been receiving lately. These signs may include feathers, coins, butterflies, birds, or other repetitive visions that make you think of the angels, who have deliberately sent you these signs to let you know that they’re nearby—protecting, loving, and guiding you. Additional meanings for this card: Your departed loved ones in heaven are saying, “Hello! I love you!” • Notice and believe in the repetitive signs you receive as validation that you’re on the right path • Have faith • Follow the signs that are guiding you to your heart’s desire.”

playIf you chose #2 you chose – Play. You have been working and worrying way to long. It is time to book that vacation (and stop feeling guilty about it), or sign up for a class. Maybe go see a movie, or go out with friends. Get your golf clubs out, or whatever else your play entails. If you don’t know anymore, it is time to start with something.

The angels see that you need to play, so they sent you this card. You’ve been working and worrying a lot lately, and your soul cries out for fun. Feelings of fatigue, irritability, or depression are additional signs that you’re overdue for some playtime. You don’t need to wait until you have a free moment, because you can inject fun into your day today. Simple pleasures, moments of silliness, laughing with a friend, or watching a funny movie are examples of ways to have fun that don’t require a lot of time or money. Fun and play are necessary parts of life for children and adults. These types of activities help us live healthier lives, and allow us to attain our desires more quickly. Fun is part of living a balanced life.Additional meanings for this card: Stop what you’re doing and go have fun right now • Release any guilt about having fun to the angels • You deserve happiness, pleasure, and enjoyment • Make sure that your recreational activities are purely fun and noncompetitive.

releaseandIf you chose #3 you chose – Release and Surrender. You are worried and feeling challenged right now. It is time to ask for assistance. It might be a ‘help’ to the Other Side, or actually asking for help. You cannot hold on to this another moment as it is destroying you. Others want to help. Allow them to.

The angels bring this card to you because you’ve been trying to fix this situation single-handedly. They’d love to help you and answer your prayers, but first you need to surrender and release the situation. Surrender simply means that you’re tired of struggling. It means emotionally letting go, with faith that the Divine wisdom of Spirit (which includes your higher self) can do a better job. Surrender doesn’t mean that you’re giving up or that you want to be controlled. Through surrender, you’ll be assured of a better outcome. If you need help with surrender, ask the angels to assist you. Additional meanings for this card: Don’t worry about how your prayer will be answered. Let God figure out the details • Be willing to ask for help • Release tension and the need to control, and things will go better • Avoid power struggles in your relationship. Simply own your power and you won’t have to fight for it.



If you chose #4 you chose – Change in Direction. Change can be scary, but by choosing this card, it is showing that it is time to take that leap. There are new and happy beginnings as you walk down the new path. Sometimes this is a sign that there may be a new bundle of joy coming within the family. It could be a new job opportunity/promotion/business. It could be a new relationship or a revved up relationship. Unglue your feet and your fear and start walking forward and taking chances.

This card signifies that you’ve had a change of heart that has altered the direction of your life in a positive way. Your old ways of living no longer interest you, and you find yourself avoiding friends and pastimes that previously attracted you. You desire a lifestyle and career that will better fit your new interests and passions. The angels are guiding you through this time of transition. The Law of Attraction insures that you’ll manifest wonderful new opportunities and relationships. Additional meanings for this card: You’re starting a new phase of your life • The birth of a new project is in the works • Pregnancy, birth, or the adoption of a child is possible • A new element in your life is a blessing, even if it doesn’t make sense right now.


Want to usher in Spring, try some magic? 



Kristy Robinett is an Intuitive,  Psychic Medium and author of many books. She loves anything sparkly, fuzzy socks, chocolate ice cream, cuddly cats, old Victorian homes and hugs from her husband and four kids. To set up a private session, visit Visit www.kristyrobinett.com. Follow her at Twitter @kristyrobinett.




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