A Soul Smudging – Cord Cutting

A Soul Smudging – Cord Cutting September 26, 2017

The energy sure is heavy, isn’t it? People are on edge. Many are argumentative, not listening, only hearing what they want to. If I didn’t know better I’d say we were in Mercury Retrograde, but we aren’t.

Energy can revive us, or drain us, and one thing that can work is something called Cord Cutting. It is like smudging for the soul where you release the energy, people, situations that aren’t lighting your soul up. Let’s be honest, though, letting go isn’t easy. Saying no is hard. And standing your ground and speaking your truth isn’t always well received. So many of us spend our lives sacrificing out own happiness in order to avoid confrontations. Most of us know we can’t fix anyone, but we still keep allow our inner magic to be stolen. It might be from our past, or our now. You don’t plant a garden without tilling beforehand, why would you think that you can bring in love, light, happiness, and positivity with the weeds of yesterdays?

If you are feeling drained, it may because you have cords wrapped around you and you need to make space to bring in happiness. A cord cutting doesn’t require a light worker to do it; you are your best light worker. It doesn’t remove the love or memories, it simply cleans up the residue that is stealing your sunshine.

So if you find yourself burned out and feeling like throwing in the towel, whether the cause be from your career, friendships or relationships, it might be your sign to turn off the noise and cut some soul cords.  Before you know it, you can get back in the game stronger and braver than before. And never, ever, let your past take away the present.


You don’t need to know who the cord is attached to, and if you have trouble imagining these cords the exercise will still be effective no matter.

Find a quiet place where you can be alone and not disturbed. Begin by relaxing your body and taking a few deep breaths. With each breath in, take in a bright white light of healing energy. With each breath out, you release the negative energy.

Once relaxed, close your eyes and call upon your helpers – loves ones on the Other Side, spirit guides, and angels, specifically Archangel Michael. They will help guide you through the process.

Next, visualize Archangel Michael handing you a large golden sword. The intention of this sword is to cut all your unhealthy ethereal cords. Lift your arms and begin to cut through these cords, don’t forget about your feet or back..

As you cut, you might want to say:  I ask my guides, angels, and loves ones on the Other Side help me heal, let go, and cut any etheric cords that are no longer serving my higher purpose. I ask that all cords attached to me that are not aligned with love, light and positive attention be released. Help me to release them and surround me with a healing light to protect me from future attachments. I am now willing to release all fear-based attachments. I cut the cords and show my gratitude for the lessons, love, and memories that I won’t lose. I release that what does not serve me.

Visualize all remnants of the cords falling away from you.

Next, visualize a beautiful golden white light coming in through the top of your head (your crown chakra) and filling your entire body, healing your energy, your aura, and filling any gaps where the cords and taken up space. See this light expand outward to surround you and fill your aura with this light.

Just like a massage, you may feel exhausted. You need to drink some water. You should feel like crying, but then you should feel lighter in the next day or so. You might need to repeat this.

Meditation is HERE.

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