In a World of Pain – Be April

In a World of Pain – Be April March 13, 2018
Last week I sat down with Natalie, a client who was concerned with array of life situations. As I shared information from her mom that would help her sort out many of her problems, she had an excuse for everything. “But you don’t understand”, she would say after every piece of advice and share why this or that wouldn’t work. Her mom in spirit was frustrated. I was frustrated.

“She was always good at sharing advice, but she never understood.”

The interesting thing was Natalie’s mom really understood.  After Natalie I had April.

April was just twenty years old, but what she’d experienced her whole life spanned a lifetime. Last Christmas she watched her young mom take her last breath. Her mom died a slow death at the hands of drugs. April had no clue who her father was. It was her grandmother who raised her and she was about to make her transition to the other side any day (she passed on Friday). As we talked about her past, present, and future, her mom and grandpa came through with messages that I could only hope were helpful and healing. I held April in my arms as she cried, but I could feel her strength.

“It’s those who stop making excuses are the ones that change the world.  I believe in you, April,” I told her.

“I’ve got this, Kristy. I’m not afraid to work hard. I’m not afraid to love or to make changes that need to be made.”

I believed every word she said. I believe she will work to become something amazing.

I couldn’t help but sit in my office afterwards and think of all the hurting. All those who felt lost. Those stuck in the past. Those who self-medicated. Those who hurt for others. Those who contemplated hurting themselves. Then there was April. Yes, she was sad and grieving, but she also embraced courage.

How many times do you ask for advice and make an excuse why it won’t work? You can make excuses or listen to the advice and see what changes you might be able to do. So you can be Natalie or you can be April.

I believe in you.


Kristy Robinett

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