May New Moon Oracle

May New Moon Oracle May 14, 2018

Oracle Cards are an excellent way to listen to your guides and your higher self, and sort through the confusion. We are bombarded by real life that we forget to take a minute to tune in. Oracle can help reassure. They can help renew  and they can help remind you of your inner strength. Take some deep breathes, look at the below cards, and choose the card that most speaks to you.

Which card do you choose?



If you chose #1: STRANGELY LONLEY. Sometimes we want something to happen so much that we hold on and forget that there’s more for us. This card reminds you that you are holding so tightly to something that it is proving to be a barrier between you and others – and what you really want and need. This could be the reason you feel so alone.  Have you put a barrier between yourself and the world? Are you afraid to communicate your soul ache? If you chose this card you are being reminded that you need to open up just a little. The girl in the image holds tightly to the Celtic Cross which symbolizes something dear to her.  It could be that it’s a symbol of her faith which she sees as something that defines who she is; it could be that it’s connected to someone near and dear to her that is no longer here.  Something has her holding on too tightly to something that is generating more of a state sadness and making her feel trapped rather than being something that she can celebrate. Loosen your grip on something or someone in your life. It could be someone on this earthly plane or possibly someone in the spirit.  Listen to what your inner self is trying to tell you about why you’re holding on so tightly and let your inner guidance bring you to a place of fulfillment in the here and now.

If you chose #2: AUTUMN IS MY LAST CHANCE. This is a time of hope and harvest for you. It’s a time to love yourself. Learn to love and appreciate what you have and plant the seed of self love, from them will come more love, wisdom, abundance, and the knowledge that you deserve to be love and care for, that you are special in this life! When this card appears, know that a special wish you have made may be fulfilled in time. The Hope card will help show you that the impossible can indeed become the possible. The force that works through your soul – determining what is possible and the difference between success over failure, and above all, who we are – is the power of your belief. This card serves as a reminder to use your natural ability of intuitions, the language of the soul, as you reach for your goals and desires. The future can be yours when you have hope, and trust in everything you do. Soon others will be attracted and drawn to your inner light. Learn to share your experiences and lessons, for those around you will also realize that by having faith and pushing forward where one may have felt no hope at all is the key to success. Above all, maintaining a positive attitude starting right now – this very minute – will allow your soul to soar. You will discover an opportunity to shine as you reach for the stars!

If you chose #3: SNOW ANGEL. You have already received very definite, clear signs, ones which you have asked for, over and over again. The Snow Angel will reply again, but it is the message you are refusing to hear – not her presence that is denied you. It is your own fear and attachment to hesitating that keeps you on “pause.” It is time to see what has already been shown to you, and to take action, immediately, without hesitation. Signs require focused attention, so be awake to the possibilities. Don’t mistake synchronistic events for mere “coincidences” at this time. They are a message especially designed for you!






If you chose #4: POE. .”Time for change, to learn something new, to use technology and gadgets with wisdom”. Tick-tock tick-tock, times are a changing, and I know that you too with time will change, and discover your true self. Now has the time come to think about where you ? You may wish to be more disciplined about the time your spend online, or you might find that you have a talent for developing communication tools that link people and help us all communicate for the higher good. Whatever it is it is the right time to truly work with what feels soulful in ways that will not only assist you, but many other beings, too.

Obviously Edgar Allan Poe was a creative genius. This card may be telling you to discover your own creative genius. It might be writing, painting, fitness, hair, makeup, or the healing practices. Poe was also a very depressed and sad individual who wanted love but pushed it away. Take a look at what or whom you may be pushing away and look at making different choices according. <>

I believe in you,

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