Emotional Hoarding

Emotional Hoarding September 21, 2019
“Tell her she’ll be ready after she’s done some cleaning up,” a client’s grandmother in spirit shared. “She doesn’t want to be an emotional hoarder, nor does she want to attract one to her. Tell her it’s time to clean out the basement – the deep level of emotion. You know those things you think you might really need? Either use it or toss it but stop storing it.”

My client nodded that she understood, and then explained that her grandma was a clean freak, so it was no surprise she used that analogy to describe life.

Have you ever gotten passed over for a promotion and immediately began looking for another job? Or got out of a relationship and immediately rebounded? So often we try to keep up with the Joneses, comparing someone else’s life with their own but the emotional clutter hasn’t yet been dealt with. It might not look like you’re dragging it behind you at the job interview for a job you don’t really want, but your pride is hurt. Nor are you emptying it out on to the dining table at the date you really don’t want to be on and would rather be watching a tearjerker movie and eating a gallon of ice cream. Sure, there’s times when we have to just deal and move on, but make sure you didn’t just ditch your emotional mess in the closet and pretending it’s not really there because eventually it comes find you and it might be harder to deal with in the future than just dealing with it now.

Not sure what your plans this weekend is, but I’ve heard it’s a great time to start now with getting a dumpster and start dumping. It might be hard, but you’ll reap the rewards once the clean up is done.

I believe in you!

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