Know Your Value

Know Your Value September 4, 2019
A few weeks ago I was at an event where I was speaking and selling my books. A lady came up to me, looked me up and down, looked over at my banner and back to me.

“So if you are so great, and you wrote all these books,” she waved her hands over my stack of books,” then why haven’t I heard of you?”

“Well…,” I began, my mouth gaped open and my defensive growing. I closed my mouth, took a deep breath and began again. “It’s about timing and maybe the Universe didn’t want you to know about me. Maybe we aren’t vibrationally aligned.”

“Hmph,” she responded looking at my books. “My name is Karen, by the way. Tell me your process with your readings and then I’d like to know your process in writing. I just know I have a bestseller or two in here,” she formed her hand into a fist and smacked it to her noggin.

There was a long line behind her wanting to speak to me and as much as I didn’t want to be rude, I kept hearing in my head “keep your value”, so I handed her my business card. “My website speaks about all my services, and I offer a lot of different classes. As for writing, I just write. Not to create a bestseller, don’t tell my publisher that, but because it’s something inside me that has to come out.”

She wasn’t happy and asked the question again this time more persistently, and then asked for a deal on my books “because she’d never heard of me before.”

“It was great to meet you,” I smiled. “Maybe the Universe will align us in the future.”

A lady who had patiently been waiting, interrupted before Karen began again, picked up three of my books, handed me the correct change, and asked me to sign.

Karen didn’t mean to be rude, I’m sure. She was just more assertive then what I typically align with. We are often tested by people like Karen to see if we’ll keep our value. Whether that value is losing your patience, getting sucked into an argument on social media, or making you feel bad about yourself. It can be someone you know, someone you love, or a total stranger. When you stop knowing your value, and discounting who you are and your energy, you dip into a lower vibration that can create all kinds of problems. Have you ever read a text message or email as something negative and responded defensively, only to realize you read it the wrong way? Every time that’s done we lose our value and have to save to get that vibrational value back up. We are worth more than what we believe.

I hope that if you have an interaction with a ‘Karen’, that you will be secure in knowing your value and keep your vibration where it is so you don’t have to do extra work in saving.

I believe in you!

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