A Year In Review – 2019

A Year In Review – 2019 December 31, 2019

Chuck and I talked about our 2019 in our newest episode of The Robinett’s Nest podcast here, but I thought I’d sum it up.

If I thought 2018 was challenging, 2019 showed me. Dad broke his hip late 2018 and then re-broke the same hip in early 2019, which resulted in him having to go to a rehab facility. Chuck’s mom began to experience extreme hallucinations and had to be taken out of her home into a facility. We lost her in early July and spent most of the year cleaning out her house and dealing with court issues for her – emotionally and financially exhausting. The grief hasn’t yet set in. Connor and Serenity got married right before Connor left for more military training where he was gone for just a few months, but it felt like years. My brother-in-law took his life after years of a disease called alcoholism and depression. We suddenly lost Serenity’s brother in a tragic accident. My dad’s elderly dog Paddington went to heaven to be with my mom. Then we gained Abigail, the most adorable puppy. Chuck decided we needed twin cats and Elsie and Daisy made their way into our house and our hearts. Cora got her MSW from Wayne State and then Cora and Brian announced her pregnancy, and we anticipate a baby boy named Benjamin any day now. Molly moved to Alaska for her dream job, with her boyfriend Kyle. Micaela and Caleb bought a house nearby. Both Chuck and I had various health issues, and the aches and pains seem to be more frequent. After a 3 day trip to the hospital, I found out that I had to look for a new office and so within a week we’d moved my office down the street into an old 100-year-old home, now offices (and I love it). We hardly traveled, except to Michigan ParaCon in August. We saw a bunch of concerts – a brief escape from reality. I released “Born Under a Good Sign” in late 2019 and worked on writing projects to be released in 2020.

We somehow survived – with a lot of tears and grief, but there were hugs and laughter too. 2020 – I’m ready for you, but this isn’t a challenge – I call a truce. I’ve learned more lessons than I’d like in the last couple years. I declare a year of good health. A positive mindset. Success and abundance. Peace. Meaningful connections. Blessings. And breakthroughs. I believe in you. And me too.

Happy New Year,

Kristy Robinett


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