Five Canticles of Wisdom

Five Canticles of Wisdom July 11, 2012


In the beginning, there is no beginning:
There is only the Goddess, and Her name
Is Everything-All-the-Same, and Fullness


When Her name is Wandering Wide,
She danced on the waters.
Before She turned upon the wind,
The stars are Her daughters.

She turns upon the elements
A dance of celebration
That to watery nothing gives
A name and habitation.

Her dancing turned upon the wind;
The wind snake winds about Her,
And this is how it all begins:
In dancing, and in laughter.


When Her name is Snake, She danced,

And when Her name was Dove, She lays
A silver egg to rule the night,
A golden egg to rule the day.

From the golden egg is born
The maker of all wealth,
Love, who will not let us lie;
and from the silver egg, Herself.

Love is the only god She knows:
He feeds upon the heather
To fill all space with honey cells;
His name is, The Revealer.


Beneath the sacred tree She stands
Where the sacred serpent brings
The sacred apple, that Her hand
Will offer to the sacred king

Gifted, he falls beneath Her gaze.
The dark god kneels, to plunge the knife.
His heart is pierced; the bright god dies.
His dance unwinds him into life.


When Her name is Brine and Tears,
The king usurps Her sovranty.
Squatting on Her throne, he shouts,
“Death is a necessity!”

When Her name is Memory,
Her voices are a choir;
They stir the cup of music,
Of poetry and fire.

Before the cave of Memory,
Order, Night, and Justice dance,
Where Flowing bangs Her brazen drum
To prove, “Necessity is chance.”


When Her name is Mystery,
She brews the cup that sings,
“All who drink shall be reborn;
All shall have the prize of kings.”

She stands before, She stands beside:
The Maiden has become the guide.
The spiral dance, the egg of life,
Replace the apple and the knife.

Bushes burn because my mind is fire.
The Queen Bee reigns; I am Her hive.
As words make honey of my breath,
I make the world, to be alive.

Yet She hunts with Her silver knife;
Yet She swells in the ebb and flood;
Yet She keens in the golden leaves:
The Triple Goddess in bone and blood.

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