Prologue to a Story of Jesus and Mary

Prologue to a Story of Jesus and Mary December 30, 2014

Two beats of God’s heart ago,

two thousand years as we feel time,

the Awakened wrote myths,

using the best science of their time,

each hoping to Awaken at least another.

I was Awakened sixty years ago.

I can write a myth and hope to do as much,

using the science we have now,

knowing that after two more heartbeats

another will write another myth,

for the pursuit of knowledge cannot end

in our infinity of infinite universes.


There is no beginning, but words must begin.

All our words assume that time exists,

but there is no time or space or spacetime,

quanta, particles, matter, energy.

There is only Awareness,

Awareness of Awareness.


I propose a nondisprovable hypothesis:

Awareness conceives of Otherness;

then there are Two.

Frome One and Two comes Three:

all of mathematics exists.

Suppose life is explained by chemistry,

chemistry by physics,

physics by mathematics,

mathematics by logic,

all by two concepts, One and Zero:

One exists, Zero does not exist.

All that exists fluctuates

between existence and nonexistence.

How can nonexistence exist?

We cannot understand that, now.

Yet the smallest possible thing,

though it is not a thing,

both exists and does not exist

at the same time, yet there is no time.

and all exists within Awareness.

Life is explained not by chemistry,

but by Awareness.

There is a myth of a man

who was at the same time God,

who both existed and did not exist

at the same time, yet there is no time.

Awareness both existed and did not exist

at the same time, yet there is no time.

The One and the Zero and existence

And nonexistence and the man who died

And was raised are all the same mystery

That we cannot understand,

I call it mercy that awareness tells us

Stories we can understand, in part,

As I tell my daughters of the Easter Bunny

So that they may understand the Goddess.

Come then, Muse, and enchant my tongue

To tell a tale of love to let us understand, in part.


One becomes Two and yet is still One.

They become All and yet are still Two.

Each is the logic that shapes the other,

The Love that shapes the Beloved,

Then in an instant infinitesimally

less than an instant, Beloved shapes Lover,

for each is both Lover and Beloved,

but never at the same time,

even though there is no time.

The Love itself marries them

as proton becomes neutron

and neutron becomes proton

as the meson binds them by existing

first within one, then within the other,

all within Awareness.

Does the proton love the neutron?

We cannot know, although

there’s a symmetry to that.

Come on, Muse, let me sing more

a tale we mortals can explore.

of Love who shows Herself

in forms and images and names

that we may understand Her games.

Love appears as blinding light

to those who dwell in darkest night,

but in the daytime She is seen

as a skyclad human Queen.


We have no way to know what is

happening in the beginning,

why choices are made that allow us to exist.

We can only speculate, attempt to reason

backwards to probable scenarios,

even knowing that there is no

Was or Will Be, only Now,

knowing that all we may ever know,

riding forever always further up and further in,

will forever be infinitesimal in the mountains of Heaven.

As life is not explained by chemistry,

Love is not explained by mathematics.

We exist, Awareness exists, Love exists:

those are the axioms we must assume.

Suppose the smallest bit of Love

both exists and does not exist

like a cat etherized in the box

we must open to know her fate.

Suppose each bit of Love,

among all the infinite number of bits

in the infinity of infinite universes

waits for us to open the box.

When we open it, every bit decides

whether to exist or not exist

in a way that allows us to exist.

Each bit can decide because it is

Love Aware of Love,

Awareness Aware of Awareness.

We cannot go deeper than that, for now,

although after more heartbeats

some will surely know more,

as the multiverse expands

beyond the crystalline sphere of the stars.


For humans love is not abstract,

an intellectual concept, a calm concern

merely for the welfare of others.

There can be many meanings when we say love,

but if we did not know the ecstasy or our bodies,

we could not understand Love at all.

If Awareness causes physical reality

yet is not itself , themselves, caused,

subsets of that infinite set can also be

aware without being physical, can be

messengers who bring us information,

care for us abstractly, yet do not marry,

are not given in marriage, because,

lacking bodies, they cannot love

Or understand how we can love.

Let us suppose we are the embodiment of love

Precisely because the angels cannot marry.


Well then, Muse, what of those Two,

Beloved and Lover,

transforming each into the other?

Do they merely care, like angels,

or love like men and women?

We cannot know, although

it’s the Love that seems more logical.

Suppose we love because they first Love—

they Love only in the present tense.

We are embodied because they are our bodies.

That makes sense, makes every sense.

So we must give them names, for we

cannot understand them without names.

What are their names, they who are all names?

Being human, thinking with our brains,

We must choose some name, another,

try again; we must experiment.

Logos and Sophia, Reason and Wisdom,

the Anointed One and the Queen of Heaven,

Yehoshua, Mariamne, but finally,

realistically, Jesus and Mary

are the names in the story we can understand,

the human story of love and death,

of the resurrection that is the Awakening.

I will piece together that story as best I can

from the fragments that escaped the orthodox,

and I will ask the Muses and the angels,

the Gods and Goddesses, the infinite faces

of the Infinite Compassionate Ones

Who are both One and Many,

to let me sing the lovesong they deserve.

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