Minnesota: Triskellion Wicca

Minnesota: Triskellion Wicca May 27, 2017

Triskellion is a tradition that incorporates classical Wiccan (Gardnerian and Alexandrian) theology with magical discipline. It was founded in 1977 by Ken and Elizabeth McCaskie, known as Ken Ra and Lady Delthea. At least seven covens have descended from it.

Ken Ra relates that he is a descendant of a Scottish Pagan and priestly lineage that is part of Clan MacLeod (owners of the Fairy Flag of Britain) and related to the Royal House of the Isle of Man. He states that he received an Alexandrian initiation in 1968, spent five years as the disciple of the Rev. Eya Yellin, and began teaching classes on Wicca in 1973. Later studies took him into Zen Buddhist thought and the practice of Aikido. He met, handfasted, and married the Lady Delthea, who was an initiate of the American Tradition Wicca. Together with others, they founded Triskellion Wicca. He studied welding and blacksmithing and received an American Welding Society Unlimited Certification. Over the years he has become internationally known as a Magesmith (manufacturer of magical tools). Studying CNC machining and adding a small foundry to his shop, he has, since 1980, been training occultists in knifesmithing. He has worked with the local police department on occult crime.

He has been the Minnesota Outreach Coordinator for the Heartland Spiritual Alliance since 1988, and helped with raising funds for the purchase of Camp Gaea. One of his students has worked with Habitat for Humanity, another with Planned Parenthood.

Ken says, “There is no rest for the Wiccan and there is no respect for those who won’t put their money where their mouth is. Still, I look like a Troll.”


Delthea’s ancestors are Danish, Swedish, and Finnish. Both of her grandmothers were noted for being able to read fortunes and see the future. Growing up Lutheran, her first marriage gave her two children and took her into alternative religions ending with Wicca. She studied American Traditional Wicca shortly after it broke off from Gardnerian Wicca. Her First and Second Degree Initiations there were with Bill and Helen Mohs’ American Tradition coven in Los Angeles. Further studies were with Joe Wilson and the Coven of 1734.

In 1974, having moved to the San Francisco area, she met Ken Ra; they worked for many months in the NROOGD Coven of Eurynome. In 1975 they were handfasted and married by Aidan Kelly, then moved back to her home town of Minneapolis. Together with her husband and others, she formed Triskellion Wicca, for which she is High Priestess of the Lady. She is in charge of coven operations such as scheduling, communications, and student registrar. She assists in the Triskellion Schola training courses and does handfastings with her husband.

[An excerpt from the forthcoming A Tapestry of Witches: A History of the Craft in America, Vol. II, From the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s.]

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