A Dissertation on the Problem of Free Will

A Dissertation on the Problem of Free Will May 30, 2017

Suppose the Lady made us that we may love Her.

Suppose She already loves us as a mother

Falls in love with her first-born child,

And we are each of us that child.

Love is not love unless I give it freely.

So I must be free even to doubt Her

Or choose not to love Her.

That I may love Her freely, She makes

Sure I am always free to choose.

If She were to appear to me in Her full Glory,

I would have no choice but to love Her,

Yet love without a choice is not fully love,

Therefore She plays with us, as a mother

Talks baby talk, plays Pat-a-cake,

Lets us walk on our own even

Though She fears that we may fall.

Therefore I will always wonder,

“Was that Her?” when so slight a change

Meant that I did not die, when a gust

Like warm air in winter wakes me

Up to feel glad to be alive.





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