Wonderful online courses at SunniPath

Wonderful online courses at SunniPath February 16, 2006

The good folks at SunniPath have a bunch of exciting new online courses on Islam which will begin on February 25th.

While I occasionally find myself in disagreement with them on some important matters (e.g., their view of Shiah Islam, their approach to gender issues), these are admittedly not simple questions and in any case I have nothing but praise for this innovative and important work.   

They’re offering a wide range of courses by traditionally trained scholars–some of whom are world renowned–on the fundamentals of Islam, Quranic interpretation, Arabic language,  fiqh (both Hanafi and Shafi’i), and even personal finance and money management based on Islamic tradition.

It’s also a refreshing example of the Internet living up to its promise to enlighten and educate rather than just entertain (if not corrupt) as it so often does.

I’m sure I’m not alone in envying people who’ve managed to put the dunya on hold to pursue studies in a traditional Islamic institution.  This is perhaps the next best thing, and you can do it in your freetime.

We Internet-savvy Western Mussies particularly need to support distance learning projects like this.  The more people sign up for these courses, the better the courses will become and the wider the range of offerings will be.  Also, if we don’t support it, how can we expect uncles and aunties to?

So, take a look at the wide range of courses offered and sign up.  It’s money well spent.   (I wonder, though, if there’s a way to sign up for the Islam 101 courses under a pseodonym… 😉 )

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