Russian Muslims Demand a Place on the Flag

Russian Muslims Demand a Place on the Flag February 6, 2006

If anyone cares–and you shouldn't–I find this demand silly.

IPS: Russion Muslims Demand a Place on the Flag

A new dispute has erupted over demands by some Muslim groups to remove Christian signs from the Russian flag and other national emblems.

Assuming there isn't something inherently anti-Muslim about the icons involved (a la the controversy over the Confederate flag), this campaign strikes me as silly and very counterproductive. The Russian Orthodox faith is part of the shared cultural heritage of Russia, just as Islam is at the heart of the patrimony of most Muslim-majority. 

BTW, I'm quite unthreatened by the claim that America was founded as a Christian nation–a point that Evangelicals make more and more now–even if its not really true, and even if it is note how it's in the past tense.  I think it actually works in favor of a place for Islam in America, but that's another discussion.

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