Abbu finally gets to feed baby

Abbu finally gets to feed baby May 7, 2006

[This is a repost.  It occurred to me that my previous title, "Abbu gets to finally get some of the nursing action", could be misconstrued. Sorry about that…]

Well, a bleary eyed Ammi finally allowed Abbu to break out the bottle and feed Raihana Friday night.  It was masha’Allah a wonderful experience.

Not only was it an incredible relief to actually be able to do something when little Raihana’s wails of hunger reached a thunderous roar, but the sight of her looking up at me, wide-eyed, as she fed for the first time was really moving, as was the sight of her drifting into post-nursing state of fana in my arms. 

I’m looking forward to supplementing the nursing with the bottle.  Hopefully this way Shabana will actually have a fighting chance of getting more than an hour of sleep at a time.

In other news, we were awed by the astounding gifts possessed by our dear friend Anas in baby-talking.  Visiting us after attending a conference in DC, he wowed us with his skills, cooing, popping his eyes and gushing so infectiously that I–actually no slouch in the baby talk department–felt positively Vulcan.  It was a virtuoso performance, especially from a single guy, and one that could probably set many a woman’s heart aflutter. 

It takes a real man to dissolve himself and his ego and turn into a jumping chimp for a child’s entertainment.  I must study at the feet of this wise master. 

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