Religious discrimination by a 7 month old

Religious discrimination by a 7 month old November 19, 2006

Raihana’s been breaking my heart.  Chewing it up, spitting it up, and then stomping on it. 

How, you ask?  She tugs Shabana over to her by the hair, throws her little arms around her head, and devours Shabana with kisses.  She clamps her mouth over Shabana’s lower lip like a lamprey and cackles with glee.

Needless to say, I get a bit jealous at the sight of these rapturous embraces.  Yet when I approach seeking the merest peck from my laughing seven month old, she instinctively averts her face to escape my beard, which is quite modest. 

In other words, I’m being punished for observing the Sunnah!   Egad, my daughter appears to be a Westoxified modernist…

So, what’s the consensus?  Does this constitute darura (necessity) from a Shariah standpoint that releases me from the traditional obligation to wear a beard? 

And is this a common problem among bearded dads?

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